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Young man's sex tape gets leaked; 'This is a problem in the community that we are facing, and people think it’s OK'

Lokies Kahn had his sex video posted to the internet without his consent.
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YouTube - Dear Straight People

Lokies Kahn is the subject of YouTube’s “Dear Straight People” this week.

The Singapore native woke up to something unexpected one morning: a video he thought was private of him having sex was leaked online.

Although his Instagram photo cache is filled with risqué photos of him in skimpy underwear and suggested nudity, he says the sex video was something that was never meant to be seen by anyone, especially the voyeuristic eyes of the internet.

“Things that I post on Instagram are things that are within my control, are things I want people to see, I’m comfortable with people to look at,” he says. “But these gifs of me on Tumblr are not within my control. I did not give consent. I did not know it was there.”

Kahn claims that his video has resulted in a number of criticisms from the gay community from “backstabbing” to “slut shaming.”

“This is a problem in the community that we are facing, and people think it’s OK — it’s not,” he says in the interview, “There are people out there who wouldn’t have the mental capacity to cope with this. These are things that are potentially lethal. It could destroy someone’s life.”

Kahn criticizes the people who are taking it upon themselves to “invade someone’s privacy,” upload and share someone’s confidential, intimate moments to the world.

“You don’t know, you think it’s just the internet. While you are doing all these things in the comfort of your own privacy, how would you feel if your own privacy was invaded? How would you feel if people turned against you? You don’t think about that do you?”

“You think you have some sort of power, some sort of justification to do these things, but you don’t.”

Kahn also says he has empathy for those who have experienced the same sort of situation he has.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” he says, “Really nothing to be ashamed of. And for people who think it’s okay to post people’s photos, people’s nudes that doesn’t belong to them, you need to stop.”