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Megan Vice brings 80's R&B full circle in 'Spread the News'

Megan Vice brings the 80's back to life in her new dance heavy album.
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Mina Al Anima

They say everything old is new again, and that seems to hold true for singer Megan Vice whose new album harkens back to the synth style of the 80’s.

Robotic voices and laser sounds infiltrate her songs much like the ones used in 80’s girl bands, Exposé, Cover Girls and to some degree Chaka Kahn.

Surprisingly the effect works, she might even be considered the Kyle Minogue of America.

Vice says she wanted the songs on her new album to be spunkier and gutsier than her previous efforts, giving it that retro-dance, R&B feel.

“I was born at the wrong time”, she reflects. “I should have been dancing with Downtown Julie Brown on the platform stages of Club MTV!”

The steady beat of the single “Spread the News” from the album is a catchy and danceable tune which explores every nuance that made dance music so great 30 years ago. 

Perhaps the feel she wants to express throughout the album can be best exemplified in the song “All of the Time,” with vocal sound effects that speed up and down around her voice. An effect that was very popular in the 80’s, used by singers such as Shannon and Teena Marie.

The video for “All of the Time,” is equally retrospective, but also has a playful provocative feel.

“I wanted it to feel like you were watching an eighties film, like you just popped in a 'Pretty in Pink' or 'Weird Science’ VHS,” she says.  “Since the song is about a growing coast-to-coast digital romance, I wanted the visuals to express an ongoing fantasy, an alternate reality between me and my male counterpart (Gio Tuccio).”

To keep the homage to 80’s R&B genuine, Vice covers Taylor Dayne’s “Tell it to My Heart,” but instead of making it a disco-worthy adoration, she slows it down to a mellow ballad.

“It was one of my favorite songs growing up and still is to this day," she says “I loved having the opportunity to make the track my own.”

Vice’s love of synth-infused 80’s style beats and old school composition is imbedded throughout her new album “Spread the News” which drops on August 12, 2016.

For now, you can get a sample of the type of sound which permeates “Spread the News” in the video below.