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Revisiting Love: Drag queen's 2012 video love letter to San Diego Pride

In celebration of San Diego Pride, we look back at local performers "love letter" to the city.
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YouTube - Sean Lockhart

As Pride weekend begins in America’s Finest City, local drag performer Davina Kostiana Love would like to remind people of a video she created in 2012, calling it a “Love Letter to San Diego.”

She says it is an especially powerful tribute today as it was four years ago, given all the tragedies the community has faced. 

"Especially now," she said. "This video has a little more meaning. I think as a community if we stay strong. We will conquer and support the worst of times."

Starring Sean Lockhart and Love herself, the duo perform Jennifer Lopez's song “Dance Again,” and feature some of the most popular places and people who lived and worked in the LGBT community of Hillcrest at the time. 

Love says she wanted to let San Diego know how much it has been a positive influence in her life then and now. 

“It is celebrating my life in the San Diego community,” Love told SDLGN, “It’s about doing drag, having pride, being proud of our community itself.”

The project had a long history before being green lit four years ago. Love says the idea was a dream for her, but it was initially turned down.

Eventually the motivation to create the project became something too powerful to ignore and Love decided to resurrect it and try again.

“This has to happen,” she said. “I went on Craigslist and asked someone to do it, I interviewed four to five people. We got a person, he sat down and said he would be happy to do it.”

The production quality of the video is top-notch, but that comes courtesy of the community coming together and freely contributing their skills. The performer says she appreciates everyone who donated their time and effort.

She said that type of caring is an example of how San Diego and the LGBT community fits so well into the theme of her song.  

“It’s supposed to be about unity,” she said. “Love, dance again you pick yourself back up. It’s about different kinds of love.”

Her first venture into drag happened in Iowa City 18-years ago on a dare. She moved to San Diego 16-years ago and never looked back, this video is partly an analogy of that experience but also a personal message of finding something meaningful, “It shows me trying to find my love,” she said.  

The video took 12 hours a day to film, and was completed in 12 days.  

“I love the city, It’s just amazing -- I forget about how much people respect me,” she said. “This video is my love letter to you all.”  

Love says she is already planning a sequel using Christina Aguilera’s song “Let There Be Love,” which she hopes to have completed by next year’s Pride.

"San Diego pride just keeps growing," she said. "This video brings light, unity and love."