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Quadruplet girl group 'Fourever1' want to own the dance floor

Quadruplets "Fourever1" want to make it "All About Tonight" and beyond.
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American Idol judge and music producer Randy Jackson has taken his penchant for discovering new talent and multiplied it by four.

Identical quadruplets Jodi, Catherine, Christina and Janelle Pyfrom make up the band “Fourever1” and their new dance single titled “All About Tonight,” will serve it up at dance clubs across the country and perhaps beyond.

Fourever1’s video (below) to the single “All About Tonight” features an infectious intro with the quadruplets joined by a bevy of muscular male dancers.

The song co-written by the foursome and Denmark native Sarah West, explores the thought that you should challenge yourself and try new things, put yourself out there and just be you.

The girls were born in the United States, but raised in the tropical heat of the Bahamas. It seems they have harnessed the energy of that  weather and infused it into their music.

The foursome originally posted videos, Catherine's specialty, on YouTube and were approached to do a reality television show.

Someone introduced the group to music industry powerhouse Randy Jackson who was impressed by their talents and is mentoring them to take the music industry and dance club crowd by storm.

“We all knew him from ‘American Idol’ which thrilled us and scared us at the same time!” said Janelle, ”We had to perform for him at a big resort called Atlantis. It was nerve-racking but great. He liked us, though, and decided to take us on as our manager. After a few months to get ourselves together, we moved out to Los Angeles.”

Although they were initially star struck, Jackson quickly informed them that the road to success isn’t as easy as the stories they may have seen on television or the movies.

Jackson, a 30-year veteran,  knows the business very well, and believes that over time the group can attain anything they want as long as they understand the process and what to expect  when their dreams become reality. 

“‘It’s not fast paced at first,’ he told us,” Catherine recalls, “Take your time to prepare and develop because once this thing takes off, it really takes off!”

Christina adds, “He also makes us think outside the box about things like ‘what will make us different’ – besides being quadruplets – and to pay close attention to the moves made by our favorites of today’s top artists...because tomorrow they will be our competition.”

One of their dreams is to eventually work with Beyoncé and Fifth Harmony, but for now they will have to concentrate on their own individual talents as they make the way to stardom.

“We have a special message for people that want to pursue their dreams,” they said. “Work hard, have fun, believe in yourself, let no one tell you different and always be yourself!”

You can download "All About Tonight," and its remixes on iTunes HERE

You can visit the group's website HERE