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'Flaunt' has a new look, new venue and so much more

"Flaunt" will include a huge amount of talent, costumes and fun.
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Facebook - DJ Tristan Jaxx

Unite! Music Festival is offering three days of fun at this year’s San Diego Pride with five parties featuring world class musical talents.

Xlsior Mykonos, Flaunt, Overdrive, We and Chaos are the names of these parties, but one in particular is getting a big make-over with a huge production.

In the past, "Flaunt" was a popular pool party, but this year producers realized the limitations of sound and venue sizes and decided to make it an expansive outdoor day event at the Quartyard instead.

DJ Tristan Jaxx, one of the producers says the new space boasts, “a bad ass concert quality sound system...a gigantic dance floor and 360° views of Downtown San Diego.”

They also decided to make this a festival-style event which will include a giant inflatable DJ booth, art installations, drag queens, a performance by Janellie and "plenty of eye candy to keep you entertained." 

Jaxx will also debut his new track.

This year’s theme by Creative Director Noir D Costas is “Future Carnival,” with costumes created by Shokra, a designer known for dressing Lady Gaga and Katy Perry among other big name celebrities.  

"Unite!" is the name of the entire music festival under which Flaunt is a part. Jaxx says choosing the name "Flaunt" was a way to express the attitude of being proud no matter who you are.

"The Flaunt name is designed to encourage you to flaunt your pride, your individuality and-or your uniqueness,” he said. “We encourage the celebration of the beautiful diversity of our community and being out and proud about who you are.​”

Along with cool costumes, delicious food and drink, choosing the line-up of talent was not an easy decision and according to Jaxx had to be done carefully.

“It was an extremely lengthy and involved process that included quite a few consultations to ensure we had just the right fit of the type and style of music our community is used to hearing while still trying to push some new and exciting styles which some may not be familiar with,” he said. “Tom Staar has been called 'the future of house music' so his groovy, upbeat style is infectious and just what we wanted to feature at Flaunt.”

Along with all of the changes in this year’s celebration Jaxx says that there are a few things he hopes antendees will come away with.

“We hope people will leave Flaunt with an understanding, respect and appreciation for the diversity that exists within our community while also making our allies and supporters feel welcome.” He adds, “We also hope many will leave with an open mind to types and styles of music that may be new to them.”

Flaunt will be held on Saturday, July 16, at the Quartyard from 1 pm to 7 pm.  

The Quartyard is located at  1102 Market St.

You can get tickets HERE