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This meme is infuriating the LGBT community, while others are in agreement

A before and after gay pride meme has some people taking sides
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The LGBT digital publication Queerty has a few interesting things to say about a certain Pride meme that’s been catching some LGBT Facebook criticism.

The image (at left) in question is a split shot of a somber Pride march from the 70’s atop a current more free contemporary pride parade.

The sentence “This is gay pride” accompanies the vintage upper photo, while the words “This is bullsh*t…spot the difference?” is overlaid on the bottom portion where two, young muscular men are engaging in simulated anal sex aboard a Pride float.

The writer of the article, Benji Douglas, is not in agreement with the lower assertion, “Ugh, no, stop,” he writes on Queerty. “You are not the Pride Police, meme, and nobody gets to decide what everyone else’s Pride is. It’s something different for everyone.”

PinkNews, a European LGBT publication also noticed the meme, reporting that several people who have seen the image are crying foul.

“We need to get the hell over this sexual repression bullshit,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Sex is natural, and normal.”

“The top [image] is pride: the bottom [image] is pride,” said another.

“Choosing to not hide your body, or to not walk in single file lines is an act of rebellion.

“We can march in the street & demonstrate against LGBTQ-phobic violence AND twerk a parade float DOWN in jockstrap,” claimed Twitter user Angry Black Hoe-Mo on June 20. 

“I promise WE CAN DO BOTH!”

“Let’s remember, the Orlando shooting happened in a club…where many activities that a lot of y’all “respectable” homos detest take place,” he added

The majority of the Queerty comments section seemed to echo that of the detractors, however some supported the message it was sending.

Kieru writes, “I agree. Pride is an excellent way to ensure LGBTQ+ visibility … but when we turn Pride into an exhibition for our sexual proclivities we aren’t encouraging visibility – we are feeding into a need for exhibitionism and shock value.

There has to be a middle ground. I’ve seem some behavior at Pride that would get a person arrested regardless of their orientation, but somehow because it takes place during Pride it’s supposed to be excused as a celebration of LGBTQ+ life.”

And Joe T. writes, “I’m with the majority on this. Pic 2 is exactly the reason we have such a negative stigma attached to us. THAT is the image most straight people think of when they think of us. We’re not doing ourselves any favors with that image. It’s embarrassing and for every step forward we’ve made it sends us back 3. And no, the freedom to act ridiculous & dress ridiculous is not really what the fight for gay rights is about. It’s a mockery.”

Neither publication gave a direct link to the original posting, but they claim it has been shared over 4,000 times.