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San Diego artist honors Orlando in tribute quilt

"Dancefloor: Orlando" by artist Cuauhtémoc Kish pays tribute to the 49 innocent victims of the Pulse nightclub tragedy.
Photo credit:
Cuauhtémoc Kish

SAN DIEGO - North Park fabric artist Cuauhtémoc Kish dealt with the Orlando tragedy the best way he knew how; he used his talents to create a quilt.

“I made this quilt because I thought art would better express my feelings better than words,” he told SDGLN.

He said that the quilt, titled "Dancefloor: Orlando," represents each of the 49 innocent victims lost in the Orlando tragedy, he gave them their own color and pattern.

“I thought of each victim as I cut out the fabric and appliqued and quilted each piece,” Kish explains. “Although they will forever be remembered for this horrible incident, they all were so much more than a victim left to die on a dance floor.”

The Pulse nightclub shooting took a personal toll on the artist, it was reminder of his struggles as a gay man who has been fighting for his rights his entire life.  

“However, this massacre, the worst since 9/11, is a place where I had to draw a line,” he said. “It represents a turning point for the citizens, gay or straight, to stand up and ‘do something’ about the too easy access of guns in the United States.” 

Kish has lived in San Diego for over 40 years. He says his art is a leisurely pursuit and it doesn’t pay for his living.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy his tribute quilt, “I plan to donate this piece to a gay center, or auction that would benefit the victims,” he said.

You can see Kish’s other works of art by visiting his website HERE.