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Rich's nightclub gets crazy on July 2 with their WTF party

So much insanity and fun are to be had at Rich'e WTF - WTF - Make America Rage Again
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If you ask anybody who goes out in Hillcrest which recurring party is the most outrageous of the year, they will most likely say it’s WTF at Rich’s.

There is probably no other way to describe this theme-based event, and on July 2, things will be no different.

"I've seen an Indian with a toilet seat around his neck, an adult baby with a diaper on his head and someone dressed as Jesus. It's such a blast to come up with the most outrageous ideas to make things happen -- to make people say WTF!" said Rich's General Manager Ryan Bedrosian.

SDPIX's “WTF – Make America Rage Again” is this year’s subject and there is no better person to host the evening than internet sensation TS Madison Hinton.

"I am so excited to be coming back to such a beautiful city and entertain the good people of San Diego," she told SDGLN. "I need to keep the community smiling and encouraged especially after that tragic situation that happened in Orlando two weeks ago! The message of love and unity must continue to thrive amongst us"

Longtime attendee Benny Cartwright says these parties are not only an example of togetherness, but can be just as equally insane; each year being more outrageous than the previous one.

“There have been known to be live animals, crazy performances, and so many other things that just make you say to yourself ‘WTF?’” he said. “Working the door at these events is so much fun, too, because I get to see all of the wild costumes that customers put together to play within the WTF theme. Can't wait for this one!"

Even Hillcrest social reporter Jim Winsor says you never know what to expect, “WTF is the craziest of Rich's recurring theme nights, with boys going all out to come up with the most outrageous outfits. The energy and spirit at these events is just off the charts.”

Attendees can have thier pictures taken in front of outragous backdrops using non-conventional and hilarious props, then print them out at the SDPIX photo kiosk. 

SDPIX staff will also be in attendence offering VIP memberships and a raffle contest. 

Text SDPIX WTF to 46786 to enter to win entry for you and three of your friends plus a $50 bar tab to WTF

"WTF - Make America Rage Again" is at Rich's nightclub from Saturday, July 2 at 10 pm to Sunday, July 3 at 4 am. 

Rich's Nightclub is located at 1051 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Here's a special message (NSFW) from TS letting you know where you should be on July 2: