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Justin Bieber loves Jasmine Masters' video about bad breath

Justin Bieber is amused by Jasmine Masters
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Perhaps Justin Bieber was inspired to write the song “Love Yourself,” after an adverse experience with a girlfriend’s bad breath.

The Biebs was amused by Drag Race season seven contestant Jasmine Masters' YouTube video titled "fix ur breath," where she discusses the perils of talking to someone who is oblivious to their rank oral hygiene.

So amused in fact, Bieber posted the video on his Instagram feed commenting “haha” and sharing it with his over 73 million followers.  

The shared video has now racked up almost 3 million views and has the singer's comment section alive with laughter.

Jasmine Masters is a San Diego Diva’s regular, having just performed at Rich’s on June 24.

She will be returning to San Diego Diva’s on Friday, July 8.

You can watch her full NSFW video “fix ur breath” below.