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San Diego rock star gives bisexuals their own anthem

Alicia Champion in her song "Bi"
Photo credit:
Alicia Champion - YouTube

The bisexual community rarely ever gets heard amidst the flurry of media attention to others within the LGBT acronym.

But San Diego rock artist Alicia Champion has taken her love of music to create a fun rock and roll tune that captures among other things, not being able to choose a date for the evening in her song “Bi.”

“My, my, my, I’m so bi,” is the initial lyric that starts this percussion heavy anthem, and with Champion starring in the video, she can’t help but entice all sexes and races with her playful siren’s song.

The list of cameo’s for the video include trans activist Buck Angel, songwriter Anissa Eve and Champion’s own real-life partner Danielle LoPresti to name a few.

You may remember Champion and LoPresti from their beautiful 2015 Christmas carol to the LGBT community called, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” featuring their young son.

This new single is not only a celebration of those not always accounted for in the LGBT acronym, but introduces people to a playful sense of sexual freedom.

Bisexuals have often been told they are confused or can’t make up their minds about which gender they prefer.

Champion allows the definition of being bisexual to permeate her lyrics in this anthem devoted to those who want to tear away the bisexual label they have been given by people who are determined to categorize them in the most restrictive and undereducated terms.

“I just see the beauty of this world, every gorgeous boy and girl,” goes the song. 

"Bi" is now available on iTunes