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Celebrate one year of marriage equality at Uptown Tavern

One year of marriage equality is only the beginning.
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Celebrate one year of marriage equality at Uptown Tavern on Sunday, June 26.

There has been a lot that has happened within the last year, but through it all we have always followed the mantra “Love Wins.”

To celebrate the love and unity the community has always put forth, Uptown Tavern is having a special night of music and marriage as they present “1 Year of Marriage Equality.”

Owner of Uptown Tavern Randy Wagner says that the Supreme Court ruling a year ago did more than just make it legal for gays and lesbians to marry, it gave the community an unprecedented unifying strength. 

"We saw our community, and all communities around the world celebrating humankind for breaking down barriers that try to hold us back from all being treated the same," Wagner said. 

"As Councilman Todd Gloria stated at the Hillcrest LGBT Center for the #orlandostrong vigil, 'our LGBT bars used to be the only place we could feel safe and be ourselves,' and with that we decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of love winning by turning our bar in a place of holy matrimony with the blessing of Paris Sukomi Max as our ordained minister. We wanted to make an event special for everyone’s lasting memories and reminders that love always wins."

This seems to be the sentiment most people felt throughout San Diego after the landmark ruling.  

Community activist Benny Cartwright said the SCOTUS decision was a recognition of hard work, decades-long, to get LGBT relationships accepted just like everyone else's. 

"We weren't asking for special rights, just equal access to the institution of marriage," he said. "While there is still so much more work to do in our quest for equality, the fact that marriage equality is now the law of the land - and has been for a year - gives us much to celebrate.

Cartwright reflects on the Orlando tragedy as yet another way there is still hatred toward the LGBT community, adding now that the fight for marriage is behind us, "we can band together to continue to fight the forces who would rather see us go back in the closet."

He adds, "Congratulations to all of the couples who have been able to marry since this ruling!"

Local drag presence and nightlife personality Paris Sukomi Max is also an ordained minister and will be peforming the weddings at this event.

Paris' tenacity and love of life has made a her an embraced community member and beloved friend. 

The 1 Year of Marriage Equality event will offer special shotgun wedding packages with ordained ministers between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm.

Adding to the reception will be a special guest host, DJ and plenty of go-go boys.

1 Year of Marriage Equality at Uptown Tavern is on Sunday, June 26 from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Uptown Tavern is located at 1236 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

You can email randy@uptowntavernsd.com for reservations.