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Friends honor fallen Pulse victim with vinyl Pop! figurine

Pulse victim Luis Vielma gets honored by friends as a Harry Potter wizard.
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Friends who worked with one of the fallen victims in last week’s mass shooting at Orlando LGBT night club Pulse, has paid him tribute by making him into a Pop! Vinyl figurine.

Luis Vielma, 22, was a ride operator at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.

The friends went to the Pop! website and ordered a blank figure then immortalized Veilma as a wizard, complete with park costume, nametag and wand.

The figure was customized for friends and family only, and will not be sold publically, out of respect for those close to him reports WeLoveOrlando.com.  

The Huffington Post reached out to the toy manufacturer Funko and they had this statement in regards to the figurine:

“Our thoughts are with Luis, his family, and everyone touched by the tragedy in Orlando. Funko does not plan to manufacture products based on such events.” 

(Lower picture cortesy of Twitter)