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Melissa Etheridge sings emotional song 'Pulse' in honor of Orlando victims

Melissa Etheridge sings about love and acceptance in her song "Pulse."
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Mellissa Etheridge says she fell into deep sadness and emotion after the Pulse nightclub attacks.

She decided to put her feelings down on paper and create a song as a tribute to those who were involved in the shootings and also try and put words to the pain the entire community was feeling.

She premiered her song titled “Pulse” at her Infinity Hall performance in Torrington CT, on Wednesday, June 15.

“I think musicians…I think our job is to heal,” she said to the audience. “Our job is to put all those emotions in something and send it out and give it a place to where we can all…just breathe…and understand that we’re all humans and we all have a pulse.”

You can watch the live performance HERE.