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Meryl Streep plays Donald Trump in New York

Meryl Streep imitates Trump in New York
Photo credit:
Paul Zimmerman, WireImage

Meryl Streep is a master at portraying characters from all parts of the world. The Academy Award winning actress has stepped into the roles of Karen Silkwood, Margaret Thatcher and Julia Child.

But it is her recent off-the-cuff portrayal of Donald Trump that has the internet amused.

The actress appeared with Christine Baranski in "Shakespeare in the Park" in New York. They both sang the song “Brush up your Shakespeare” from the play “The Taming of The Shrew.”

Streep wore Trump’s signature style of a black suit, white shirt and extended red tie, complete with belly prosthetic and blotchy orange facial tan.

Streep has been a longtime supporter of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, even giving her tribute in a Women of the World speech in 2012.

(Photos courtesy of Paul Zimmerman, WireImage)