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Here's your guide to the 18th annual San Diego LGBT Film Festival

Geoffrey Couët and François Nambot in Paris 05:59 (Theo and Hugo)
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Epicentre Films

Friday, June, 3rd:

Opening Night Film: (co-sponsored by CICA and Smirnoff)

7:00 pm

 Kiss Me, Kill Me (2015) (pictured above right)

With the short film, “B” – (Germany - West coast premiere) 

In this twist on classic L.A. film noir, director Casper Andreas (Violet Tendencies) and screenwriter David Michael Barrett (Such Good People) present this sexy new gay thriller. Dusty (As the World Turns’ Van Hansis) blacks out while confronting his cheating boyfriend Stephen, (Queer as Folk gay icon Gale Harold).

When Dusty awakens, he learns someone has been murdered and he's the prime suspect! The gorgeous and talented cast includes Brianna Brown (Devious Maids), Yolonda Ross (HBO's Treme), Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye), Matthew Ludwinski (Going Down in LA-LA Land), Kit Williamson (Madmen), D.J. "Shangela" Pierce (RuPaul's Drag Race), Allison Lane (The Dark Place), Jackie Monahan (The Foxy Merkins), Craig Robert Young (The Last Ship), Michael Maize (Mr. Robot) & Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby). Sit back and enjoy this over-the-top, entertaining guilty pleasure!

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$30 includes admission to opening night party. Get tickets HERE.

Saturday, June 4th

11:00 am

Best of LGBT Shorts (Sponsored by SDGLN and SDPIX)

“The Tormentors” – Australia

Maxwell Caulfield stars in this gritty and confronting film that addresses workplace discrimination and the turmoil caused, when a middle-classed family’s values and beliefs are challenged.

Watch trailer HERE.

“Wedlocked” - USA

Once upon a time, before the 2015 SCOTUS ruling, three women become entangled on their quest for a gay divorce.With Drew Droege, Sally Kirkland and Guinevere Turner.

Watch trailer HERE.

“Back Again (De Vuelta)” - Spain

Alex returns to his village on the night of San Juan hoping he can recover a love he once lost.

Watch trailer HERE.

“The Future Perfect” - Canada

An isolated time traveler questions his latest mission, compromising his future in the process. With Robert Baker and Zachary Quinto.

Watch trailer HERE.

“Girl Night Stand” -USA

A young woman questions her sexuality after having a one night stand with another woman.

No trailer available. 

“Vessels” -USA

A young transgender woman considers a dangerous black market surgery that may be her only option in gaining a more feminine body.

Watch trailer HERE.

“Buddy” - Netherlands

When a young man is asked by his ex-lover to support him during an HIV test, he sees an opportunity to find out if there’s still a chance for reconciliation.

No trailer available. 

“Spare Parts” - USA

Coming-of-age story about two adolescent girls in love with a little too much parental involvement.

No trailer available. 

“Spoken in Jest” - Mexico

Leo knows Ana has a thing for gay men so he pretends to be Roger’s boyfriend to get close to her but things may not be what they seem.

Watch trailer HERE.

“My Life is a Dream” – USA

Follow perky and portly Cousin Wonderlette on a disturbingly funny journey where she encounters demented housewives, greedy swine, sexual deviants, and worse her drunk mother.

No trailer available. 

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

1:15 pm

ToY (2015) (Sponsored by FlawLes, Gossip Grill, Enterprise rent-a-car)

With Shorts:  "Blind Date" (7 min), "Partners" (7 min)

Story of a young, wealthy, talented but naive artist named Chloe (Briana Evigan). She inherited not only her late mother's wealth, but also the thing that took her mother's life and which she's desperate to keep secret.

Chloe's newest work leads her to Kat (Kerry Norton), a beautiful but aging call girl. As Kat's career options grow more desperate, and as Chloe fights her own demons, the two women grasp on to each other, offering each other second chances while trying to escape their inevitable decline. ToY shows how sex is given and taken and bought and sold, out of love, lust, pain and desperation…and often just to survive. With Daniel Hugh Kelly, Bre Blair, Matt O'Leary, Paul Rae, and Ana Foxx.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

3:30 pm

Upstairs Inferno (2015) (Co-sponsored by The Metropolitan Community Church, Ascent Real Estate, Ivan Solis of Title 365, Ron Oster, Josh Bottfeld)

With short: “Intrinsic Moral Evil" (10:45 min.)

This outstanding documentary examines the true story of the largest gay mass murder in US history. On June 24, 1973, an arsonist deliberately set fire to the stairwell of the New Orleans gay bar, the UpStairs Lounge, trapping patrons and killing 32 people.

Emotional interviews by survivors, family members, and friends of the victims recount this horrific event, made worse by the callous behavior of the city’s police and fire departments, churches, media, and citizens. This lesser-known historic tragedy, four years after Stonewall, is finally being given its place in gay history.Narrated by Christopher Rice

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

View trailer HERE

5:45 pm

Coming In (2014) (Co-sponsored by American Institute of Bisexuality, Merrill Lynch)

With short, “The Memory of You” (11:32 min)

Notoriously hip Tom Herzner (Kostja Ullmann) is “THE” hair stylist for men in Berlin. He's attractive, glamorous, runs a posh salon and is an openly out celebrity who is seen as a role model for the gay community.

But when he plans his first hair-product line, the cosmetic company feels targeting men is too restrictive. So to get an idea of what women want, Tom is forced to work incognito at an edgy hair salon run by the sassy, gut-honest Heidi (Aylin Tezel). Heidi's selfless and unpretentious nature gives Tom a whole new perspective and helps him create a shampoo that will drive both sexes crazy. But his main source of amazement is Heidi. Sophisticated, upscale comedy at its most enjoyable!

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

8:00 pm

Shared Rooms (2016) (Sponsored by Roberts Electronic Service, Rage)

With short: "Bed Buddies” (15 min)

This witty, sexy, gay romantic comedy explores the meaning of home and family through three interrelated stories of gay men finding connections during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day – a married couple who take in a teenage relative who was kicked out of his home after his parents discovered he was gay; a pair of roommates forced to share a bed for the week, much to the delight (and horror) of the one harboring a secret crush on the other; and two men looking for a quick hookup who end up finding a much stronger connection. With Justin Xavier Smith, Eric Allen Smith, Daniel Lipshutz, Robert Werner, Christopher Grant Pearson, Alec Manley Wilson, David Vaughn, Alexander Neil Miller.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

10:00 pm

Paris 05:59 (THÉO AND HUGO) (2016) (Sponsored by Stella Artois, Mickys)

Explicit adult sexual material

With short: "Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale" (15 min)

An audaciously graphic sexual and lengthy opening takes us inside a Parisian sex club, where two young men (Geoffrey Couët & François Nambot) have eyes only for each other. They soon leave and settle into a romantic night wandering the streets of Paris.

However, something happens that forces both men to question their ideas about love, personal responsibility and desire. The two leads are electrifying; their physical performances matched by the emotional intensity of their post-sexual journey. Taking place over several hours, this film could unfold in almost any city and anyone who has sex in the modern gay world will identify with the issues it raises.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

Sunday, June 5th

11:00 am

Downriver (2015) (Sponsored byGay San Diego, Uptown News)

With shorts, “Little Elephant,” (4:41 min), “Easy: A three-minute Love Story" (3:30 min)

James (Reef Ireland) has served time for his involvement in the suspected drowning of a young boy in a river years earlier, although the body was never found.

Ravaged with uncertainty, dealing with an estranged family and forced to face the dead boy’s mother, James sets out on a journey of self-discovery, shocking revelations and danger as questions surrounding the boy’s death brim to the surface. Old friendships and family ties are tested as James must find his path to the truth in this dark, brooding, intense and powerful film.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

1:00 pm

S&M Sally (2015) (FlawLes, Gossip Grill, Wells Fargo)

With shorts: “Escape,” (8:45 min) and "Step" (6:41 min)

When Jamie (Michelle Ehlen) finds out her girlfriend Jill (Jen McPherson) has spent time exploring BDSM, her insecurities about falling behind in the bedroom push her to propose that they start going to underground clubs.

Jamie decides to use the pseudonym “Sally” so she can stay anonymous but still look like she's using her real name, which apparently she thinks makes her look cool. Identifying as the butch one in a traditional butch/femme couple, Sally assumes she will take the dominant role in their escapades, with Jill as her submissive, but Jill has ideas of her own.

Meanwhile, their close friends Lola (Shaela Cook) and David (Scott Teiji Takeda) start dating the polyamorous bisexual Sebastian (Adrian Gonzalez), who proposes to have a threesome. They humorously agree expecting the other one to back out first. But will they? A hilarious and fun comedy for any persuasion!

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

3:00 pm

Closet Monster (2016) (Sponsored by Live Magazine, US Bank, Promos ROK)

With short: "Noam" (15 min)

This wholly original, spellbinding drama-fantasy tells the story of Oscar Madly (Connor Jessup), a creative and driven teenager who hovers on the brink of adulthood. Destabilized by his dysfunctional parents, unsure of his sexuality, and haunted by horrific images of a tragic gay bashing he witnessed as a child, Oscar dreams of escaping the town he feels is suffocating him.

A talking hamster (voiced by Isabella Rossellini), imagination and the prospect of love help him confront his surreal demons and discover himself.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.

5:00 pm

Front Cover (2015) (Sponsored by San Diego Asain Film Festival, Pacific Arts Movement, Woods Real Estate Services)

With shorts “True Colours” (10 min) and "Family Values" (3 min)

This charming, nuanced comedy/drama follows Ryan (Jake Choi), a gay New York City fashion stylist, who has rejected his Asian upbringing. He is given an assignment that could change his life.

For a photo shoot, he needs to style Ning (James Chen), a closeted, popular foreign actor trying to make it big in the US. After a rocky start, an unlikely friendship develops between them, leading Ryan to examine his cultural identity and make a major decision about an enticing new path for his life and career that might (or might not) involve Ning.

Admission $10. Get tickets HERE.


7:00 pm

Flatbush Luck (2016) (Sponsored by CICA, West Coast Tavern)

With shorts, “Lady of the Night” (10 min - pictured left center) and "Dinner With Jeffrey" (13 Min)

Former Wall Street hotshot Jimmy (Tanner Novlan) and his buttoned-up cousin Max (Robby Stahl) make meager livings as telephone repairmen in their native Brooklyn neighborhood, slaving away to meet the demands of their increasingly yuppie clientele. Jimmy wants nothing more than to return to his fast-paced high life, while Max is starting to have second thoughts about his upcoming wedding and sexuality.

When Jimmy overhears illegal insider trading during a routine house call, he convinces Max that they should tap the phone line to cash in on the scheme - hoping the money will solve their problems.

But when stock tips turn to murder plots, the hapless men are unable to go to the police and soon find themselves in over their heads and flat out of luck. Wonderfully written by Andreas and James Balletto. With Briana Marin, Natalie Britton & Juahn Cabrera.

Admission is $20, get tickets HERE.

FilmOut presents the San Diego LGBT Film Festival is Friday, June 3 through June 5. 

The Observatory North Park is located at: 2891 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104.

For showtimes and more information click HERE