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'Hillcrest Hot List,' popular people, places and things in local summer entertainment 2016

Kesha will perform at San Diego Pride weekend 2016.
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Hillcrest Hot List

The summer is almost here and as things (hopefully) start to heat up so too does the local entertainment.

SDGLN has compiled the people who are most likely to make your summer more entertaining in music, movies and all things pop culture in the biggest LGBT sector of San Diego, Hillcrest.

DJ Tristan Jaxx: There are many popular and talented DJs who play in nightclubs around Hillcrest  But you will probably see the name Jaxx pop up more consistantly this summer.

His production company has become a powerhouse of summer entertainment. Along with his partner and mate Cavin Knight, Jaxx helped create the UNITE! Music Festival for this years’ Pride.

The team wanted to make sure that everyone was included in Pride festivities and that nobody felt marginalized.

Jaxx will also perform at this year’s Pride with his signature style and innovative re-mixes.

Kesha: The music star has had some recent personal troubles with her ex-producer, but that isn’t stopping her from emerging anew armed with experience and confidence.

It was announced last month that the “Tik Tok” pop star will perform at San Diego Pride this summer.

With people already getting excited about the scale of this year’s Pride festival, bringing in a huge headliner only gets the pulse of the community revving even more.

“I am beyond excited to perform at San Diego Pride this year," she said. “I'll never stop fighting for people who just want to be able to express themselves freely for who they are.”

Ben Nicholls: As the head of Hillcrest’s Business Association (HBA), Nicholls and his team have worked tirelessly to give the community what they want.

He has made it a goal to be the voice of the community and makes sure everyone has input about what they like.

Not only does Nicholls rally to fix Hillcrest’s transportation woes, he also has dreams of enlarging spaces to make even more entertainment possible, especially the re-designing of Normal Street and the area around Pride Plaza.

Without his efforts summer entertainment might not have well-kept areas, or free transportation; getting people to and from events without worry.

His association also leads the highly popular end-of summer festival CityFest, and the weekly summer favorite Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

Michael McQuiggan: Every year McQuiggan brings the FilmOut LGBT Film Festival to San Diego. He hand picks each movie to showcase during the three day event, and every year the star power gets brighter.

This year, will be the 18th time FilmOut will bring Hollywood to San Diego.

And ticketholders not only get to hang out with Hollywood’s up and coming stars, they also get to witness the evolving worth of LGBT cinema.

Plus all summer long FilmOut will bring popular movies and premieres to the big screen, such as Matt Riddlehoover's "What's the Matter with Gerald?" in June, and Robin Williams in "The Birdcage" in July.

Robert Rodriguez and Scott Parman: These two are not only a couple, but they have managed to create one of the best drag shows in Hillcrest with DIVAS.

This two hour revue is different not only in technology, but how it brings local performers into the spotlight with major drag celebrities.

With a huge LED screen, aerial acrobatics and digital choreography, DIVAS is a show you won’t want to miss this summer.

Chad Michaels: On her way to becoming a legend, Michaels is a local celebrity everybody calls when there is a major San Diego LGBT event; deservedly so.

Not only has Michael’s Cher impersonation been deemed “genius” by the original diva herself, the drag queen always puts on a great act.

Michaels is also a part of the "Enchanted Dreamgirls" calender set to drop at Mo's on June 22.

She will give underage fans a chance to meet her at Rich's on June 24 and The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Community Center on June 25. 

Eddie Reynoso: San Diego is one of the top ten of travel destinations for LGBT people during the summer. However once they get here, they may have no idea what to do.

Reynoso runs the globally recognized San Diego LGBT Visitors Center located at 502 University Avenue, San Diego. 619-432-LGBT (5428)

 He is knowledgeable of all things Hillcrest and San Diego, from entertainment to food; he is the concierge to LGBT visitors from all over the world.

SDPIX photo booths and printers: This may seem like a shameless plug for SDGLN’s parent company Hale Media, but that would be an overstatement. SDPIX has constantly upped the game in summer entertainment with the most comprehensive list of events and productions.

Now they have introduced a free service to capture all your memorable summer moments on film.

If you’re heading to an event this summer look for the SDPIX logo on a banner or t-shirt. This might mean the free print photo sharing service is available.

Simply use your smart phone to capture a moment, use the hashtag #sdpix on either Twitter or Instagram, and then head over to the printer where a color picture will print out perfect for framing.

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus (SDGMC): After the Padres' "Out at the Park" event, where the choir was not able to sing the National Anthem because of a technical error, the SDGMC will be back in full force for their "Thriller" concert this summer. This tribute to Michael Jackson is sure to have audiences "thrilled" in their seats. 

This summer is going to be one for the history books in Hillcrest, from spectacular music productions to local entertainment, the people who bring it all to you are working hard to give you what you want.