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Drag queen Raven's video rant defends her 'purse' comment to Bob the Drag Queen

Raven defends her 'purse' comment on social media
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Raven - Facebook

Drag Race alumni Raven (David Petruschin) took to social media to voice his opinion about posting three little words on Drag Race season eight winner Bob the Drag Queen’s signature accessory, “F*CK YO! PURSE,” he wrote on Tuesday.

This is reference to Bob entering a room with a handbag stretched before him uttering the season’s catchphrase “purse first.”

This sent a flurry of responders to attack the 14 year drag veteran Raven for the status update, saying he is bitter and just because he wasn’t a Bob fan, he shouldn’t clap back.

One poster wrote: “I love you Raven but I'm really disappointed in this post. This is not very becoming of you. No matter who you think should have won, you shouldn't come for Bob. He totally deserved the win as much as Naomi or Kim Chi. It was a tight competition this year. Don't spoil it by being shady.”

And another: “You were always one of my favorites until this moment. Your unprofessionalism is beyond words. Ru obviously saw something lacking in you to be crowned queen and now the fans of the show can see you obviously lack something as a human being. You can reach for that crown all you want, but you'll never be as bright of a star as Bob.”

The comments continue on from there, some more critical of Raven’s remark, while a few support him.

Raven then posted a video in response to the backlash of his statement saying he has never said anything as hateful as what was showing up in his feed after the “purse”comment.

“Never personally have I, David, Raven, bitch…whatever you want to call me, have I ever said anything derogatory, mean, hateful disgusting or vile like you kids are wanting to do right now. Ever.”

Raven continues to say that he has never said anything mean about Bob, and just because he wasn’t his personal favorite on the show doesn’t mean he dislikes him as a person.

“I just wasn’t team Bob,” he says in the video, “Do I dislike Bob? I don’t f*ckin’ know Bob. I worked with Bob once. I’m sure he’s a great f**kin’ person. And congratulations on winning. He has what 92 other queens fought for and 100,000 other queens only wish they could ever get the chance to do.”

He then continues on to say that he would never go on social media to post anything in is feed as hateful, disgusting and gross as what others are putting in his.

“I don’t take to social media to do that,” he says, “that’s what you guys do. You are the one’s who like to go on there and rip people apart, shred them up and down…talk so much sh*t about people you don’t even know.”

The season two runner-up explains that the “F*CK YO! PURSE” comment was an idea taken from an old Dave Chapelle Show sketch, in which the comedian portrays Rick James and tells Charlie Murphy, “F*ck yo couch, buy another one…”

He thought it might be funny to modify the line to say “purse” instead of couch; he says it was innocent and something he thought would be funny.

“So what I think is okay, or whatever, you guys take to it and read completely between the lines and decide to drag a bitch, clap back, and say all this sh*t. For what?”

The reality star complains that people who use social media waffle back and forth with their opinions about Drag Racers, hating one during the show, but when they get voted off lament about that too,"You can't f*ckin' please anyone."

"So many people live on social media now in this diluded sense of reality that they've created off of a reality show, about men that dress up as women. Does that make f*ckin' sense to you?" she yells. "We love that people are fans of the show. This is why the show keeps going because of the fans, because people love drag. But now everyone's a drag expert after eight seasons of Ru Paul's Drag Race." 

Wrapping up the commentary Raven says that arm chair critics should bite their tongues about criticisms on drag unless they have done it themselves. 

"Until you are in drag, until you have done this sh*t - I've been doing drag for fourteen motherf*ucking years, longer that Ru Paul's Drag Race has been around, and I am still working on my sh*t. So after you guys take a chill pill, after you guys stop suffering from the butt hurt. After you guys get over this and realize that those three little words were simply stupid three little words, I would hope that you would find it in your hearts to f*uck yo purse." 

You can see Raven's full video HERE.