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'Great Scott' discount for San Diego Gay and Lesbian News readers

Kate Aldrich in "Great Scott"
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San Diego Opera

The San Diego Opera is offering a very special ticket price for San Diego Gay and Lesbian News readers. They are offering a 25% discount to performances of “Great Scott” playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre.

“Great Scott” tells the tale of international opera house superstar Arden Scott (Kate Aldrich), who is going through some very serious life changes.

She has just ended another relationship and feels her chances of motherhood are slipping away. Arden returns to her hometown to save the home opera company, but the football team, The Grizzlies, are playing in the Super Bowl the same day as a performance that’s supposed to save the struggling opera troupe.

“Great Scott,” is a tender and funny look at what people must do in order to regain order in their lives.

This great offer not only includes a 25% discount, but also waiving of the $7.50 handling fee, and admittance into the pre-opera lecture one hour before the show.

You can by your tickets HERE.

The San Diego Opera performance of “Great Scott” plays on May 7, 10 and 13 at 7 pm.

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The Civic Theatre is located at 1100 3rd Ave, San Diego, CA. (619) 570-1100