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Mormon gay adult site not welcome at Utah Pride

Adult site which fetishsizes Mormon men not allowed at Utah pride.
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LeGrand Wolf is not going to be allowed to promote his new gay adult website “Mormon Boyz” at this year’s Utah Pride Festival.

According to Queerty, Wolf applied and then was accepted as a vendor at this year’s event, but just five days after confirmation was told his brand wasn’t welcome, and that organizers weren’t comfortable having it represented at their festival.

Mike Parsons, vendor coordinator wrote Wolf back, saying that the Utah Pride festival has, "to be aware of the community that we live in and that we are a part of,"  and MormonBoyz "does not represent part of that community."

Wolf has said that their decision is “ridiculous and offensive.”

“We were interested in coming in wearing suit and tie, with missionary name badges, fully clothed, not gyrating in our underwear on a flatbed truck to music and simulating sex,” he recently told CityWeekly. “I don’t know what anyone is so terrified of; no one was asking for an endorsement. How could it be any more perfect for the Utah Pride celebration?”

Carol Gnade, executive director of the Utah Pride Center sent a letter of apology to Wolf, blaming a recently hired employee for the false confirmation.

There are no current guidelines for vendor submissions to the Pride festival, Gnade says that all applicants are subject to approval.

"The issue is not about censorship of what they do," Gnade says. "It's the appropriateness of it, and the kind of celebration that we have for our community, and the fact that we have such a broad spectrum of ages."

The entrepreneur thinks that the decision to exclude his business is a result of The Latter Day Saints’ influence and recent donation of $2,500 to the Utah Pride Center.

Wolf did not use his real name on the application which further bothered Gnade, “LeGrand Wolf isn't a person," she said. "That disturbs me, that we don't know who these people are and where they come from."

In response to that LeGrand says that he uses an alias because that’s the norm in the adult industry. Using his real name would be, "a liability and kind of a faux pas."

Nonetheless, Utah Pride is not interested in what Wolf is selling.

Gnade says, “We are firm in our decision."