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Singer Novel puts her life in the lyrics and serves them to the dancefloor

Novel is a singer with a message about pride

Novel is a singer who has many talents. The Canada native puts the self in self-respect and it shows through the lyrics in her music. She's esoteric in her words, but universal in her sound. 

If you think just because she's from Canada her dance sound differs from that of the U.S. you would be wrong, at least according to Novel, "I honesty don't have a lot to say about this because I see them as one." 

The singer is full of sexuality in her songs, but the focus is not on how she can work that part of herself to manipulate others, it is how the others will prove they are worthy to be a part of her space.

In the dance song “Spark” she exudes sexual tension, but rather than give into that passion on a whim, she insists that the other person do the work, “Make me feel the spark,” she sings.

It’s a feminist statement with an electro-beat. There are layers to her songs that go deeper and get more profound if you take the time to listen passed the sheen of EDM.

It’s the sentiment of “I will Survive” for the modern age, before you become afraid or petrified. 

The richness of great recipe relies on the combination of its spices, and Novel knows the right ingredients to make people want to dance, but also expose them to the most intimate parts of her life. That is, if they choose to hear it. 

“The reason I lean towards dance music is because I feel the beats help make my lyrics come alive,” she said. “I also love to put on a show and I feel dance music helps everything come to life production and choreography-wise. But with working on my EP I didn't just focus on electric progressive house beats, I really tried to go outside the box with my sound. This one song I did called Apology has a whole orchestra vibe but then we added some deep house beats as well to complement my dark painful lyrics and still make it still danceable.”

Her latest hit “Give Me Twenty” is another example of the complexity which is Novel. The tune again focuses on the strength of a person’s desire to be attracted to a man, but not because of the monetary things he possesses, or claims he possesses.

The lyrics have more than one interpretation: does “Give Me Twenty” mean dollars, if you want to show off? Or are you willing to “Give Me Twenty” push-ups instead because I asked? 

The song again is full of sexualized meatiness, smoothly swallowed in a dance anthem, but get closer to the sound of her voice and there is so much more to be heard.

“Deep down this song is about respecting yourself and making girls and guys aware of their worth,” Novel explains. “Why do you need some guy in the club to make you feel special for one night when you can go and make a difference in your life and have those things everyday.”

It’s no surprise then that Novel is inspired by one of the most legendary and powerful mononymous entertainers of rock and dance.

“Growing up and to this day I still follow Cher!” she laughs. “I study her show sets and style. She is a classy bad bitch!”

The singer is also taken by other strong female singers who blend in powerful lyrics to brilliantly orchestrated tracks.

“I've been following this upcoming artist Melanie Martinez, her style is different and her lyrics are so random I love it. I mean the girl is singing about washing your mouth out with soap haha! And of course I love me some Nicki Minaj.”  

Having been in Los Angeles for a while now, I asked Novel if she has met anybody who has given her sage advice for surviving in such a difficult industry. She says she's met a bunch, but her friend, actor Spencer Lofranco, told her something that really meant a lot. 

“He told me of his experience, and his advice was to express truth passionately when expressing oneself artistically," she said. "By doing that the process becomes cathartic and relatable to my following. He explained to me how important it is to express my art from within.”

This is great advice, and something I’m sure was only an affirmation to Novel because it seems she’s been doing just that all along.  

As she makes her way south to perform at Rich’s Nightclub in San Diego on April 23, I asked how she’s feeling about visiting America’s Finest City to perform live for a crowd of energetic men and women.

“Omgosh so excited! It's been awhile since I've been to San Diego so I'm really gonna bring my bells and whistles.”

You can see Novel perform at Rich's Nightclub for the Dream Machine party on Saturday, April 23. 

Rich's is located at 1051 University AveSan Diego, CA. (619) 295.2195