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Jason Walker's 'So Happy' is the club anthem of 2016

Jason Walker is "So Happy"
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Jason Walker

The new Tony Moran produced Jason Walker dance single, So Happy, was released on Friday and it’s as uplifting as the title suggests.

The dance track has the aptitude of pop expression with the agility of a dance floor anthem, a perfect combination for a mainstream crossover.

The song was written by producer Moran and Chris Willis, the one-time gospel singer turned dance rhythm architect for David Guetta.

The Karl Giant music video is breathtaking; the perfect complement to the euphoric sentiment of the lyrics.

Walker belts out his expressions of joy amid the natural wonders of the ethereal Salt Flats in Utah.

Perhaps the most magnificent images are the ones shot at night. With LED lights and laser techno essence, the desert takes on its own haunting but beautiful role.

“It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating, life-changing experiences ever,” said Walker. "Five days in the desert was insanely riveting.”

Tony Moran is no stranger to producing thriving tempos. His Walk Away, featuring Kristine W. reached all the way to number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play in 2007.

He has collaborated with Rhianna, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Neyo, to name a few. 

“I’m extremely proud of Jason’s performance on So Happy,” says Moran. “It is destined to become a crossover pop hit.”

A Pittsburg native, Walker was discovered by the legendary Junior Vasquez, where he went on to make two albums under the producer’s label. Both earned critical applause, spots in the top 10, and International Dance Music Award nominations.

In 2010, Walker decided to become independent which again gave him great success.

Hits such as Raise Your HandsBeat Don’t Stop, and the re-imagined Taylor Dane freestyle classic Tell It to My Heart were added to DJ set lists across the globe.

Walker says So Happy symbolizes his feeling for everyone he has worked with up until this point in his life.

“I am truly the definition of So Happy”, reflects Walker. “In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with all the dance greats from Junior Vasquez to Bimbo Jones, and now Tony Moran!“ 

Although each producer has their own style, Walker says their mutual love for music is what makes them universally understood. 

“Each is so different with his own unique style of producing a vocal,” he said. “The one thing all have in common is a passion and tenacity that drives them. Making dance records is hard work but when done right, boy, is it magical. Dance music has the power to make everyone So Happy.”

So Happy and multiple re-mixes are available from iTunes HERE