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Acid Betty leaves Drag Race: ‘The runway will never be the same'

Acid Betty talks to SDGLN about her time on the show.
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Ru Paul has now sent five of her queens home. The last being Acid Betty on Monday night.

Betty ended up being in the bottom two and had to lip-sync for her life alongside Naomi Smalls. The two had just competed in a Madonna red carpet runway challenge. Naomi in the popular look of the evening; a red kimono, and Betty pregnant in a Bedtime Story costume complete with doves flying from the belly.

This was also the episode which contained the quintessential “Snatch Game” parody. Smalls tried to emulate reality star “New York,” Tiffany Pollard, while Betty attempted to embody the rowdy and intensive Nancy Grace, although neither girls quite hit the mark.

The judges weren’t thrilled with Naomi or Betty’s characterizations of their selected celebrities, but Betty did seem to have the more original runway look.

SDGLN talked to Acid Betty about why she thinks she got sent home even though her look was more original than some of the other contestants, “I don’t know what happened. I don’t think they took the red carpet into consideration. Otherwise I should have at least been safe.”

She says the production crew came up to her after her elimination and complimented her on her style sense.

“When I got voted off the island and the producers came to talk to me,” she laughs. “They were really great and sweet, they said, ‘The runway will never be the same.’ I was like you might be right, you might be right.”

Still, having to lip-sync to Madge’s “Causing a Commotion” in full pregnancy mock-up and birds emanating from her torso, Betty was happy she kept it original.

“I was thinking, wow this is a challenge. And I was like, you know, I don’t want to strip it off,” she said. “I wanna show them that I can play by the rules, I’m a game player, and I have a huge sense of humor. I was like how funny is it that it’s the bigsagainst the Smalls. It’s like it’s a guy that’s pregnant against Naomi Smalls. It was just kinda funny, I was like you know what? I can still dance, it’s not a heavy belly, so I just rolled around and did my thing.”

But again, it may have been Betty’s subdued portrayal of HLN’s high-powered Nancy Grace on “Snatch Game,” that put her lipstick on the mirror.

“I think she could have been more over the top,” she explains. “I could have played her a little more crazy. Honestly, my sense of humor is not obvious, I find camp humor kind of hard to do, and I think what they were expecting was kind of like – you know Eartha Kitt was acting like a cat and Britney Spears was twirling her hair around. I think they were expecting me to be a little bit more..bat-crazy with the character.”

Still, after her sashay away, Betty says she made some great new relationships, “I got Bob as a great friend, and Chi Chi we’re like – out of nowhere – I had no idea, but we’re totally like really great, we hang out now.”

She hopes that if any of the girls learned anything from being around her on the show, it was to be more audacious.

“I just hope that what they learned was to be brave and take more chances than they were taking. I mean I think the Madonna challenge was a great example of that. Like, we all showed up in kimonos. We can be a little bit more braver than that.”

Acid Betty will keep busy, making an appearance at Drag Con in Los Angeles and getting together with the season eight cast for a few projects, and also to visit Mama Ru again.

“I am excited to put a crazy outfit together too for the reunion…hello.”

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