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'My Beautiful Laundrette' is about a lot more than gay love

Daniel Day Lewis has been in many award winning films throughout his career, but one in particular made him a star virtually overnight.

My Beautiful Laundrette celebrates its 30-year anniversary and FilmOut and Diversionary Theatre are putting it back on the big screen this evening for one night only.

The film not only put Lewis on a short list of critic darlings, it also opened up dialogue about being gay in London, and subsequently in the United States where it gained mainstream critical praise in 1985.

Not only does the film explore a gay love story, it also manages to delve into the topics of race relations, white supremacy and of all things having entrepreneurial ideas in the age of conservative Thatcherism.

In the film, a young Pakistani named Omar (Gordon Warnecke) is asked to take care of a small laundromat owned by his uncle in South London. With race tensions running high and politics doing little to protect immigrants, Omar must make a success out of the launderette in order to prove to his family and himself that he can survive.

Omar hires Johnny (Daniel Day Lewis) to help him with the business, even though he knows of his extreme and intolerant views. The two end up taking their friendship to the next level, therefore adding to the tension of a country in the throes of right-wing conservatism.

My Beautiful Laundrette is directed by Stephen Frears, who had made a name for himself in BBC television up until the movie’s release.

With the critical success of Laundrette, Frears then went on to direct another iconic and critically acclaimed LGBT film “Prick Up You Ears” two years later.

Tonight, February 24, 2016, FilmOut is presenting “My Beautiful Laundrette” at the Hillcrest Landmark Cinemas starting at 7 pm.

Hillcrest Landmark Cinemas are located at 965 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92103. 619.298.2904

You can purchase tickets HERE.