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Aaron Carter in love with Chris Crocker?

One thing that makes internet celebrities so successful is their ability to influence followers and potential followers with viral-worthy content.

Chris Crocker of “Leave Britney alone” fame has certainly kept his brand alive with many videos and social media updates that are often humorous and always interesting.

In perhaps a genius blend of pop icon celebrity and YouTube stardom Aaron Carter and Chris Crocker seem to be teasing hints about a relationship that is more than just friends.

This should of course be taken with the tiniest grain of salt since Crocker knows how to manipulate approval buttons across social media platforms.
Crocker took to Instagram yesterday with a picture of him in Carter’s lap with the caption “Aaron found his candy.”

The ambiguous nature of Crocker's relationship with Carter continued through social media-land with more posts; one reading “@aaroncarter & me got couples therapy to sort through.”Crocker posted.

Even though there is probably no there there, it’s still a kind of heartwarming story. Crocker is an odd sort who seems to be overly self-confidant.

On the other hand, Carter seems to need more help in that area.

In December Carter had to defend himself against social media criticisms about his appearance. The e-bullying got so bad a passenger on the same flight as Carter pulled him aside to talk to him because he was visibly upset.

Whether they are an item or not doesn’t matter. If they are just friends it’s nice to know that they can be there for each other. If it’s more than that, as the video below implies, even better.