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Tantrums and Tiaras contestant profile: Ryan Birke of Flicks

(Editor's note: "Tantrums and Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens 2016" returns on Sunday, Feb. 21 at Observatory North Park. The show is an over-the-top drag competition where representatives from some of the community’s bars with little or no drag experience compete for the crown. The event benefits the programs of The San Diego LGBT Community Center. Leading up to the event, we will profile the five contestants, but you'll have to buy tickets and go the show to find out their drag name and see them in full make-up! More information and tickets can be purchased HERE. View the other contestants we've profiled this year HERE.)

Contestant Name: Ryan Birke

Age: 27

Bar Representing: Flicks

First time in drag?

Second! The first time I did drag and wore a pair of heels was this past Halloween. This will be my first time performing in it.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I'm a San Diego transplant originally from Long Island, NY. In 5 years I've gone from subway-riding city slicker to a Prius-driving SoCal guy. Sixty degrees is now officially cold to me. I'm totally in love with the West Coast. Between the culture, the weather and the people, what's not to love? I'm a nature lover and animal enthusiast. I'm pretty much a cat lady but with lots of chickens instead.

What are you most excited about?

I'm most excited to break out of my comfort zone and do something I would normally never do. I'm a homebody and in no way a performer. I think this will be a great experience to look back on and learn from when it's over.

What makes you most nervous about competing?

What doesn't make me nervous?! Haha. I have never set foot on a stage, let alone in front of 600+ people. I think the fact that I will be in full costume will help with any stage fright though.

Why are YOU going to win Tantrums & Tiaras?

Honestly? I really don't care about winning this show. As long as I place higher than Colin Wood I'll be happy, haha. Seriously though, as long as people laugh and enjoy my performance that's what matters more. Oh and not falling flat on my face at any point would be great too.

Closing thoughts

I'm really excited to be apart of the legacy that is this show. It's such a wonderful production. I can't think of a more fun and hilarious way to raise thousands and thousands of dollars for such an important cause!!

Purchase tickets to Tantrums & Tiaras HERE.