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Old Globe and Diversionary theaters to teach playwriting classes

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Old Globe Theatre and Diversionary Theatre have teamed up to create an initiative dedicated to teaching playwriting skills to adult community members - Community Voices.

Those selected to participate will take part in workshops taught by a Globe Artist Katherine Harroff, where they will learn to develop short plays which will be presented in a professional public reading at the Old Globe and Diversionary upon completion of the course. Participants will explore theatrical possibilities embedded in their individual or shared experiences. Emphasis will be given to building skills in playwriting and performance, which will be explored through a variety of creative writing and performance activities.

The workshops are free and will be held on Saturday mornings from 10 am to noon starting on Aug. 9 and running through Sept. 13. This program is not intended for skilled and experienced Playwrights, but rather for community members interested in gaining a new tool for creative expression.

To apply, fill out the application forms below and email the information to kharroff@theoldglobe.org. For more information on the workshop contact Community Outreach Coordinator/Teaching Artist Katherine Harroff at 619-238-0043 ext. 2105 or kharroff@theoldglobe.org.

Applications are due Thursday, July 31 at 5 pm.

The Old Globe Community Voices
Individual Application Form

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