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DVD review: “The Passenger” provides a scary ride | VIDEO

From Germany comes “The Passenger,” another provocative drama by writer-director Tor Iben ("The Visitor").

Now out on DVD, “The Passenger” is a murder mystery focusing on a handsome stranger named Nick (Niklas Peters) who methodically infiltrates the lives of two Berliners.

Under the pretense of finding a condo for his father, Nick ends up moving in with Philipp (Urs Stämpfli), a talented photographer who specializes in shooting images of hot young guys.

The charming and flirty Nick also cozies up to Philipp’s exotic friend, Lilli (Lynn Femme), an aspiring actress.

Lilli and Philipp come under Nick’s spell, not knowing that underneath that beautiful face and sexy body beats the sadistic heart of a murderous psychopath.

As the bodies begin piling up in Berlin, the police detectives sniff in the wrong direction, adding only to the edge-of-your-seat drama.

Iben’s direction is solid as a rock, but his screenplay on at least one occasion requires a huge suspension of disbelief by audiences. Like the time when he hauls a body through a Berlin park to dispose the middle of the lake. Surely, somebody would have witnessed this happening in broad daylight in one of Europe’s busiest metro areas!

The acting is fine, and the camera especially loves Peters and Femme. There’s lots of shots of Peters without his shirt on, and he is also seen in a shower scene featuring full frontal nudity.

The 2013 film was made in German and contains English subtitles. TLA Releasing is selling the DVD for $19.99.

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