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FilmOutSD to present "Love Gone Wrong" movie marathon | VIDEOS

SAN DIEGO – Love is not always a bed of roses, so FilmOut San Diego will be taking audiences on a “Love Gone Wrong” marathon next weekend.

Six films – three classics and three new LGBT movies making their San Diego premieres – will be screened from 11:45 am to 11:45 pm Saturday, Oct. 19, at the historic Birch North Park Theatre.

Tickets are available for the entire marathon or for individual screenings. An all-access pass costs $25. Individual tickets are $10. Please click HERE to purchase tickets online.

The classics are directed by or star some of the screens biggest names: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Adrian Lyne, Paul Verhoeven and Russ Meyer.

The San Diego premiere LGBT films are by new directors Rob Moretti, Marcelo Briem Stamm, and the duet of Patrick Schuckmann and Stefen Westerwelle.

“The classic status appeal of these genre films together with these San Diego LGBT premiere films will be a great way to spend a Saturday, where all will be screened in their widescreen glory,” said Michael McQuiggan, FilmOut programming director.

“The proceeds from this special event will help FilmOut produce its 16th LGBT film festival from May 30 to June 1, 2014,” he said.

The film descriptions are provided by FilmOut.

“Solo” – 11:45 am – Directed by Marcelo Briem Stamm of Argentina. In recent years, Argentina has become a hot bed of LGBT filmmaking, and that reputation only gets stronger with this sexy, romantic and uncomfortably chilling tale of love and deception from first time director Marcelo Briem Stamm. Handsome middle class Manuel (Patrico Ramos) hurt by his previous relationship and bored being alone, meets Julio (Mario Veron), a rugged, lonely, unemployed young man in a chat room. The two eventually meet up in person and the sexual spark is quickly ignited. And while sex is satisfying and frequent, it is their collective problems with intimacy, trust and the fear of being hurt that make them hesitant to commit fully. As their relationship develops, both reveal secrets from their past but these revelations might be real, imagined or outright lies. Who is being truthful, who is real, and who truly loves the other? All is revealed in this romantic, passionate drama/thriller that offers a shocking, strangely satisfying conclusion. (Argentina - Spanish with English subtitles).

“Fatal Attraction” – 1:15 pm – Directed by Adrian Lyne. Stylish and sexy, this film took audiences to terrifying new heights with its thrilling story of a casual encounter gone terribly awry. This box-office smash was nominated for six Academy Awards®, including Best Picture and Best Director. Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallagher, a New York attorney who has a tryst with seductive Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) while his wife (Anne Archer) is away. Dan later shrugs off the affair as a mistake and considers it over. But Alex won’t be ignored. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever…even if it means destroying Dan’s family to keep him.

“Basic Instinct” – 3:30 pm – Directed by Paul Verhoeven. This controversial, stylish erotic-thriller grossed over $100 million at the box-office which mixes perverse sexuality and erotic bloodshed in a manner common to European thrillers but mostly taboo in America. The plot concerns Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), a successful bisexual mystery writer who may also be a ruthless murderer. Everyone close to Catherine dies, and troubled policeman Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) must find out why. In the process, Nick becomes sexually involved with both Catherine and police psychiatrist Beth Gardner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), while the bodies begin piling up and Catherine turns the cat-and-mouse game around on Nick. Verhoeven and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas -- who was paid $3 million for the script -- keep the tension ratcheted up throughout, even during the frequent sex scenes, which carry a violent edge reminiscent of the Italian thrillers of Dario Argento. The film's most notorious scene, a police interrogation in which Catherine makes drooling idiots out of her captors by revealing that she is not wearing underwear, became a cultural touchstone and was widely imitated and parodied. With George Dzundza and Dorothy Malone.

“Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” – 6 pm – Directed by Russ Meyer. Step into a delirious kaleidoscope of the psychedelic ‘60’s in this hilarious and lusty parody of the 1967 hit film Valley of the Dolls. Directed by auteur filmmaker Russ Meyer and written by fledgling film critic Roger Ebert, this wildy sexy cult classic spoofs, celebrates and derides the swinging culture all at once. Fun-loving bombshells Kelly (Dolly Reed), Casey (Cynthia Myers) and Pet (Marcia McBroom) have a rock band, and they’re headed to Hollywood to make it big. Thanks to Kelly’s well-connected Aunt (Phyllis Davis), they soon find themselves at a hedonistic love-in thrown by eccentric music promoter Ronnie “Z-Man” Barzell (Paul Lazar). He takes them under his wing, and a new world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll unfolds. Superstardom is within reach, if only their newfound distractions don’t get in the way. With Michael Blodgett, David Gurian, Harrison Page, Erica Gavin & Edy Williams. Special appearance by the Strawberry Alarm Clock.


“Truth” – 8:15 pm – Directed by Rob Moretti. Reminding one of a sexy and deliciously disturbing Misery-meets-Fatal Attraction, this psychological thriller of an innocent love that goes terribly wrong stars Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) in a star-making role. Opening with an imprisoned man, befuddled but claiming innocence, being interviewed by a shrink, and the story of how he got there unfolds. A chance internet encounter brings the cute, affable Caleb (Lockhart) and the hunky older Jeremy (Rob Moretti) together. Jeremy seduces the vulnerable young man with compliments, attention and above all, the promise of a secure love. Caleb, mentally abused as a child by his emotionally erratic mother and now wary of relationships, succumbs to the advances and a sensual affair begins. But beneath Caleb’s shy smile and innocent eyes lies a troubled young man, and Jeremy harbors his own dark secrets and lies which, together, threaten the relationship. This budding romance soon triggers an unexpected chain of events as trust is violated, tempers unleashed and the destructive side of love takes over. Lockhart (Milk, Judas Kiss) is amazing (and very sexy) in a demanding role in a film which exposes the hidden demons buried deep inside each and every one of us.

Moretti and Lockhart are scheduled to appear at the screening and participate in a question-and-answer session with the audience.

“Lose Your Head” – 10 pm – Directed by Patrick Schuckmann and Stefen Westerwelle.
A young Spanish man goes to Berlin for some fun only to be sucked into a dangerous, almost hallucinogenic world of sex and violence in this steamy psycho-thriller. Lured by Berlin’s reputation as city with a pulsating night life, young Spaniard, Luis, (Fernando Tielve) leaves his boyfriend behind to travel to Berlin eager to indulge in drugs, sex, partying, music, and mindless fun. Somewhat innocent and certainly naïve, wide-eyed Luis is quickly sucked into the dizzying whirlwind of the club scene where he meets up with a strange bohemian crowd, does coke, and begins a sexual hook-up/romance with Viktor (Marko Mandic), a domineering Ukrainian with his own set of hidden problems. After he meets a couple looking for a missing man who bears a striking resemblance to him and after Viktor becomes more menacing, Luis gives in to paranoia as a sense of deteriorating reality begins to overcome him. Lose Your Head is a complex, Alice in Wonderland-like tale of a young man methodically driven out of control. (German with English subtitles)

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