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Comic-Con: "Ender's Game" stars, director address Orson Scott Card controversy

SAN DIEGO -- Questions on recent controversy of author Orson Scott Card and his anti-gay views apparently were brought up during the "Ender's Game" panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 18. Director Gavin Hood and producer Roberto Orci had their say in the hot issue, to which Lionsgate responded with a pledge of support for LGBT community.

"The truth is you never want to court controversy, but we decided to use the attention on us to support Lionsgate's statement of support of LGBT rights. So rather than shy away, we are happy to embrace it and use the spotlight to say we support LGBT rights," Orci said to the 6000 attendees that packed the Hall H.

Hood backed up Orci, saying, "My view is I've been a member of the Courage Campaign for many years and I'm a little distressed by his point of view on gay marriage. However, the book is not about that issue ... I hope the book will still be appreciated as a great work of art, even though I don't agree with the author."

The helmer added, "I think it's slightly bitterly ironic that those themes ['compassion' and 'empathy'] that are present in the book are not carried through on his particular view on gay marriage."

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