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North Park's The Linkery and Hubcap restaurants to close this month

SAN DIEGO -- Restaurant industry veteran Jay Porter shares the sad news that he and Michael McGuan and chef Max Bonacci will close The Linkery and Hubcap this month.

He announces in a newsletter that "we are finding that we can't, given our circumstances, make our restaurants the best they can be — which I believe is the least and most we can ask of ourselves and of any community enterprise." The Linkery, a lauded farm-to-table spot, has been open for the last eight years, while burger joint Hubcap replaced its predecessor El Take It Easy just a few months ago. The former restaurant will close after service on the 15th, while the burger joint will finish out the rest of the month.

Porter writes, "Each place will be taken over by a different, independent, locally-based owner, and they will each bring exciting changes to 30th Street." Now the news earlier Monday about Bonacci joining the Carnitas' Snack Shack makes a lot more sense.

Eater reached out to Jay the owner for a statement but he's not making comments until after their closing celebration.

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