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FilmOut San Diego to present San Diego premieres of “Petunia” and “Remember To Breathe” | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- FilmOut San Diego will continue its monthly screening series with the San Diego premieres of “Petunia” and the short film “Remember To Breathe.”

The films will be shown at 7:30 pm on Saturday, July 20, at Birch North Park Theatre. Co-presenter is Amy Driscoll/Benchmark Mortgage.

“Petunia” is a new film directed by Ash Christian.

The Petunia family has a storied history of avoiding real feelings: The mom is Felicia (Christine Lahti), a therapist who needs a shrink of her own. The dad is Percy (David Rasche), who hides erectile dysfunction under an oblivious and disaffected non-personality. The brothers Michael (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Adrian (Jimmy Heck) are hiding infidelity and sex addiction, respectively.

Throw in mean New York City princess Vivian (Thora Birch) for a sister-in-law, and you have Charlie’s biggest problem: his crazy family. Charlie finally finds a guy he’s willing to break his “no sex” vow for when he meets and starts dating George McDougal (Michael Urie). But George is hiding something from Charlie – his wife (Brittany Snow). Their relationship hits a complicated snag when the wife returns unexpectedly from a long trip.

“Super quirky, highly sympathetic characters, great acting, and hilariously unpredictable twists and turns make this a winning dramedy,” said Michael McQuiggan, programming director for FilmOut.

“Remember To Breathe” is a new short film directed by Marc Saltarelli.

Alice Martin (Lee Meriwether) is a former musical headliner who now lives alone and forgotten in a house hidden away just below the Hollywood sign. She remembers a past love (Susan Blakely) as she searches for meaning in her golden years. While mentoring a young aspiring singer (Leigh Ann Larkin), past memories become entwined with the present as Alice comes to realize that what she thought was lost is only dormant, awaiting a new spark.

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