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Check out the many changes going at The Range in Hillcrest


The Range can’t thank the community enough for the outpouring of support we've received over the past month! It’s not just the look and feel of the Range that will continue to improve, but the friendly and efficient staff and service. Community involvement will continue to be top priority, too. Stay tuned for some of the exciting upcoming community activities hosted every weekend at the Range.

New look and feel

Restaurant Manager Julian Verderber joined the Range team just over two months ago, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in some of the highest brand hotel restaurants and bars. If you've stopped by the Range recently, you might have noticed the new, finer touches: fresh potted herbs and flowers on every table and fresh fruit and herb infused complimentary water. The patio has never been a more refreshing, inviting environment to enjoy a meal or a cocktail with all of nature’s elements now represented. “I want everything to be fresh and vibrant,” Julian emphasized. And it’s these subtle touches combined with the launch of the new menu and Happy Hour that make the Range all the more appealing.

New taste

The Range’s menu is still holding true to the fresh, farm to table concept it has had since its first location. The chef loves to create food that is timeless with a modern twist, and that tastes just as good as it looks. Every member of staff loves to cook and understands how flavors go together. It’s not just the chef de cuisine that is responsible for the new menu creations, but also some of the cooks. Their El Gaucho soup, a south of the border version of veggie soup, has become a fast favorite and was prepared one day by one of the lead line cooks.

Granny Himebach’s caramel pecan sticky buns are flying out the door faster than they can be made! These gooey delights are a patron’s third generation homemade recipe. Other new best sellers include the Truffle Fries, Mac & Cheese and the Range Meatloaf. The Beat Salad – a kale, golden beat, goat cheese and candied pecan salad is not just healthy, but pleasing to the eye and palate. Everything is made fresh in the kitchen, including all the sauces.

Guests can try some of these fresh delights on the new Happy Hour menu, starting at 3 pm Monday – Saturday. With $4 bites and drink specials starting at $3, the Range is sure to become Hillcrest’s new favorite afternoon and destination.

Community events

Ramping up for San Diego Pride 2013, the Range will be hosting special community events every weekend. The second Saturday in June, the Range launched its newest community partnership: The Range Rover. Collaborating with local dog spa, pet sitter and shelter advocate Fido & Co., the Range will host a local dog shelter's mobile adoption unit the second Saturday of every month. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own dogs to dine & drink with them, and will receive 20% off their entire check with a Yelp review of the Range and non-perishable dog food item to donate.

Ferdinand’s Familia

To launch the monthly event, the Range showcased Ferdinand's Familia, a non-profit 501(c)(3) home-based organization dedicated to the rescue and permanent placement of injured, abandoned and homeless animals.

As a result of a fundraiser that was held, and a generous contribution by the Range owners, $700 was raised for Ferdinand’s, more money than they have ever been given. “Dude”, a dog fostered by Fido’s who attended the event, was also adopted into a loving home.

Lucky Pup

July 20th is the next Range Rover event, which will showcase Lucky Pup. Stop by the Range to interact with adorable dogs that need homes. As a special treat, Lucky Pup is rumored to be bringing 10 puppies that will just be old enough for adoption by the event!

Yappy Hour

The first Yappy Hour will be Wednesday, July 3rd, and will continue as a new event series the first Wednesday of every month. Coinciding with the Range’s regular happy hour, Yappy Hour will be a chance to interact with other dog owners and a fun time for your pet to enjoy tasty treats and doggie ice cream by Paw Pleasers. Fundraisers will also take place to help raise money for PAWS, a local charity organization that helps elderly people and individuals with HIV/AIDS keep and take care of their dogs.

Construction and redesign

The Range is quickly preparing to become Hillcrest’s new community hotspot. Construction will be ongoing to give the venue the new look and feel owner Rob Lane has envisioned since its inception. They will still be open for business, but continue to stop by to check out the weekly improvements! Rob Lane thanks the community again for the continuing support of his project and vision. The Range will seek not only the highest standards in food and service and look and vibe the community desires, but will continue to partner with many businesses and organizations for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Check out the Range online HERE.