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LA lesbian bar The Palms to close this weekend

WEST HOLLYWOOD -- On June 9, West Hollywood's historic lesbian bar the Palms will be closing the doors to its location of the last 48 years. But this old gal had herself one last hurrah before her forced retirement.

Sunday night, the Palms held its official goodbye party, kicking off its final week of operation, coinciding with Los Angeles' Pride Week. The event could best be described as casual and upbeat. A throng of women crammed into the narrow dive bar, overflowing onto the sidewalk of Santa Monica Blvd. The dance floor at the back was a sea of cropped haircuts and sensible button-downs as DJ Gayanne spun retro nostalgia, like En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" and Salt n Pepa's "Push It." The vibe was welcoming and non-judgmental, standing in stark contrast to the catty atmosphere that permeates many of West Hollywood's male-oriented bars and clubs.

The Palms' aura of warm camaraderie was matched only by the literal heat radiating throughout the tiny, over-packed, un-air conditioned space. Revelers fanned themselves with neon pink frisbees, the event's only shwag. Before entering, a female bouncer at the door warned patrons, "Careful, everyone is having a hot flash at once." The crowd was dominated by, as one male patron politely put it, "Lesbians of a certain age." The same tart-toungued young gay went on to quip that the humid lesbian bar was "a clam bake."

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