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BOOK REVIEW | Local author M.A. Chavez's "The Catalyst: Skye"

For true fiction lovers, "The Catalyst: Skye" is everything you want: drama, love, intense emotions and real-life situations.

After failed friendships, an HIV scare and living out of his car, Cameron Skye is left relying on his reputation as West Hollywood’s “golden boy” for life fulfillment. But in a city created by smoke and mirrors, Skye is left wondering whom he can trust and what is real.

Skye is juggling being a student, teacher and go-go dancer. When a new man walks into his life, things seem to finally be going Skye’s way. But is Skye’s new love someone he can truly trust, or is he just like the rest of the WeHo boys?

M.A. Chavez gives us a glimpse inside the go-go dancing industry, the gay community and friendships, invoking laugh-out-loud moments and tissue-grabbing scenes. He gives us insight as Skye’s best friend — not a third-party spectator.

At the same time, the author's narrative at times makes us unsure if we should really like or trust the main character (Skye), rooting for his efforts in one chapter and wondering where our hero went in the next. It invokes many of the feelings we all have with people in our life. It’s an up and down of emotions that feel all too real.

The story of "The Catalyst: Skye" is one we're all familiar with: broken friendships, butterflies from first loves and trying to find a place in the world during our early/mid-twenties.

The ending will leave your jaw on the floor wondering where book two is! Great read for fiction-lovers everywhere, gay or straight!

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