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To Market: Seafood City, here we come

Given that fusion and global cuisine are so hot (as well as a direct reflection of our national experience), it's hard to understand how one of the most fundamental food traditions seems to keep eluding mainstream popularity.

Lesbians that rock _ The Nauticals

The two musicians are equally talented and between the two of them, seem to be able to do it all; from singing, playing drums, guitar, banjo, harmonica and piano. They are a mixture of blues, folk and rock, with a hint of pop thrown in.

The Old Globe presents "The Whipping Man" through June 13

A Jewish Confederate soldier returns to his childhood home, only to find it in ruins and occupied by his former slaves preparing for a Passover seder _ in the West Coast premiere of "The Whipping Man."

VIDEOS: "George Harrison" speaks about "RAIN: A Tribute To The Beatles"

A musical journey that takes you from the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show to Abbey Road. Read what Joe Bithorn (George Harrison) has to say about the critically acclaimed performance coming to town for one weekend only.