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Who won the 2013 Gaybie Awards?

PHILADELPHIA – The 2013 Gaybie Awards have been announced today by TLA Video.

Nominations were determined by the TLAgay.com staff. Winners were selected by a poll of TLA customers and fans.

“We are always looking to find out which movies and books our customers enjoy best and this year’s winners gave us great insight. We received over 7,500 votes this year,” said Robert O’Neill, TLAgay.com content marketing manager.

“There were a few pleasant surprises. We were very glad to see that Mark Cirillo won for Best Lead Actor for his role in ‘The Seminarian.’ We were also thrilled to see that our customers adored ‘North Sea Texas’ as much as we did. It is such a beautiful piece of work,” he said.

Joseph D. Lawley, TLAgay.com book/e-book merchandising manager, saluted the book winners.

“We’re such book lovers at TLAgay that it would be hard for us to choose winners on own, so we’re very happy to have had so much great input this year from our readers,” he said.

“After seeing such strong demand throughout the year for Paul Freeman’s ‘Outback: Bushmen,’ it was a welcome and somewhat expected win in the Best Photo/Art Book category, while the same could be said for ‘Stripped: The Story Of Gay Comics’ in the Best Comic/Comic Art Book field. One surprise was ‘Boys Of Two Cities’ taking home the prize for Best Romance/Erotic Book. It’s clear our readers loved that one, “ Lawley said.

The 2013 TLA Gaybie Award winners are:

Best Gay Drama: “North Sea Texas”

Best Gay Romance: “Private Romeo”

Best Gay Comedy: “Going Down In La-La Land”

Best Gay Documentary: “How To Survive A Plague”

Best Gay Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller: “@SuicideRoom”

Sexiest Gay Movie: “August”

Best Lead Actor in a Gay Movie: Mark Cirillo in “The Seminarian”

Best Supporting Actor in a Gay Movie: Ezra Miller in “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”

Best Director: Andrew Haigh for “Weekend”

Best Photo/Art Book: “Outback: Bushmen”

Best Comic/Art Book: “Stripped: The Story Of Gay Comics”

Best Romance/Erotic Romance Book: “Boys of Two Cities”

Best Fiction/Mystery Book: “Another Dead Republican” (A Tom & Scott Mystery)

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book: “Brown-Eyed Devil”

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