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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Rihanna to perform at White Party Palm Springs?

The “official” entertainer announcement for this year’s White Party Palm Springs was made last week on SDGLN. However, speculation surfaced a few days ago on the blog WeHo Confidential that one more big name was going to be added to the lineup:

“We have unofficial word from a trusted source that Rihanna will be headlining this year's White Party in Palm Springs, California. Yes honay!! This year's talent is going to be everything! Due to contract stipulations or the timing of ticket increases the news has yet to be released to the gay public.”

There are, of course, reasons to doubt this, not the least of which is the fact that Rihanna will be on tour up in Canada that weekend. However, the White Party does have a long history of rumored blockbuster “surprise” guest performers, some of whom have materialized (Jennifer Lopez), some who have not (Cher), and even one that was supposed to, but at the last minute cancelled via an apologetic video announcement (Christina Aguilera). It’s a tradition that has added a touch of drama and suspense to the annual proceedings.

The White Party Palm Springs Facebook page post which announces the headliners does add the cryptic sentence “AND ONE MORE SURPRISE TO COME! ;).” so I guess we will all have to wait and see. In any case, most people I know who are going are excited about the weekend regardless, so if this (or another surprise entertainer of similar caliber) pans out then it’s just one more added bonus to the whole experience.

Harness at Numbers

This Friday is the second Friday of the month, which means that it’s time once again for Harness, the monthly leather/gear night at Numbers, which has really begun to take off as of late.

This month's host is boot black extraordinaire Spike Tranc, so the focus will be on the SIR/boy DADDY/son dynamic. Look for the return of the Playspace, shadowbox go go boys (including porn star Jeremy Stevens), on site harness sales and fittings by Anthony Rollar, and a dark and dirty house set by DJ Marcel.

Aslo, just like last month, they’ll be holding Male Go Go Dancer Boot Camp Auditions, so if you think you have what it takes here’s your chance to show your stuff.

So You Think You Can Drag at Lips

Here’s another opportunity to show what you got: This Sunday is So You Think You Can Drag night at Lips, the very popular monthly SDPIX-sponsored amateur drag contest.

Hosted by the fabulous Disco Dollie, the evening features not only the contest (with a $100 first prize ... call 619-295-7900 to sign up), but $5.50 Three Olive cocktail specials all night long as well.

Dinner starts at 7 pm, the show at 8 pm, and the contest at 9 pm. Cover is only $5 ($2.50 for industry) plus a $15 food minimum.

Last week’s events

Check out SDPIX for all the new albums from last week, including photos from the Mischief with Bianca Go Go Finals at Rich’s, Shaun Flak’s new Mojo Madness night at the Range, and Roman Jimenez’ 40th Birthday Party at Flicks. Happy viewing!