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New mural brings "good, positive energy" to University Heights

SAN DIEGO -- Five local artists recently transformed a large blank wall at a grocery store in University Heights into a psychedelic landscape replete with a pixie butterfly, banjo-playing frog, garden gnome and grimacing trees.

The work on the side of Park Boulevard Foods, located at 4504 Park Blvd., was meant to spruce up and add some color to the neighborhood, said Alvin Habib, the store’s owner.

“It just brings out good, positive energy,” he said. “It’s a nice addition to this community.”

It took five artists two days and $300 worth of spray paint to complete the mural early last month. They go by the names Dexr, Eye max, Persue, Kuya and Fizsix. Habib gave them free rein to paint whatever they wanted.

The crew did the work from scratch, without much planning or forethought, said Eye max, who asked that his real name not be used. He said he used to live nearby and wanted to include butterflies because he remembers them coming around from time to time.

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