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TODAY: "Katie" looks at topic of growing up transgender

On Tuesday's "Katie," Katie Couric explores what it is like to grow up, and live transgender.

Hear the deeply personal stories of three transgender children and their parents, as well as their journeys to understand the psychological, physical and social process to become their authentic selves.

Tuesday’s show will feature a “Katie” exclusive interview with Coy Mathis, a young transgender girl who at only age 6 is fighting alongside her parents for the right to be fully recognized as a girl in school.

Couric will discuss how medical advances are being used earlier and more safely to change the biological process of puberty. Then, Katie introduces a beautiful transgender woman who struggled for her father’s acceptance.

Plus, the woman who changed the history of sports: Dr. Renee Richards talks to Katie about her push for transgender rights in professional tennis leading to a landmark decision by the New York Supreme Court in favor of transgender rights.
Click HERE to find your local station carrying “Katie.” In San Diego, “Katie” airs at 4 pm PT on KGTV/Channel 10.