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Shara Strand ain't Hyde-ing; she's at Rich's tonight

SAN DIEGO -- “Jekyll or Hyde,” the first single from Shara Strand’s "Born Tonight" album, is a song she wrote about falling for a guy who, at least in the beginning, appeared to be Mr. Right. In time, however, another side surfaced, and Strand realized he was oh, so wrong.

“It’s a story everyone can relate to,” she said. “I’ve learned getting 50% of the love I want is not enough. The love of my life will give me 100%.”

Shara Strand performs the Mike Rizzo remix of “Jekyll or Hyde” on Friday, Feb. 22, at Rich’s nightclub in Hillcrest.

Do you think everyone has a little Jekyll or Hyde in them?

Shara Strand: Yes, definitely! Most people are 90% Jekyll with10% of devilish Hyde in them. I think that little bit of naughty adds spice to a person. The real problem is when someone seems a total angel - supporting you, loving you - and then, all of a sudden, transforms into a Hyde, cheating and lying. Or, even worse: that person who professes their undying love one day and then viciously breaks up with you the next.

Have you had a Jekyll or Hyde experience?

Shara Strand: I have had two: one in love and one in business. The first was tough because I had to acknowledge that I had fallen for the wrong guy. The other involved my dreams as an artist and for a while, I feared walking away from the guy meant walking away from my dream.

How do you feel about comparisons to Taylor Swift?

Shara Strand: I admire Taylor Swift tremendously. Her songs are so vivid, and her intimate lyrics make you feel as though she's your best friend. A lot of the comparisons come from the subject matter. Like Taylor, I feel that ultimately, love is the only thing that really matters. We all connect to it. We all know what it's like to be hurt and we all can relate to someone breaking our trust and heart. I would love my songs to inspire people the way her songs do.

The Mike Rizzo remix of Jekyll or Hyde takes the song to a different level. All of a sudden, the ballad becomes a slamming dance anthem.

Shara Strand: The different versions of the song are kinda a musical metaphor of how one person or song can have way different sides.

Which version do you prefer?

Shara Strand: It depends on the audience I am performing to. There is something liberating and fun about performing the dance version in a big club full of people who want to dance their cares away. But I also love the intimate connection on the acoustic version.

Will you be debuting any new songs from the new album?

Shara Strand: Hmmm… I may be debuting the dance mix of "I Will Carry You", my second single.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a young artist in today's music industry?

Shara Strand: One wonderful and liberating aspect of the Internet age is that musicians can now release new songs whenever they want. We’re not so constrained by release dates anymore. But then there's also now a never-ending pressure to be quick and relevant on the one hand, but to offer high quality music on the other. Good production, meaningful lyrics, and beautiful melodies take time to produce!

It's kinda another example "Jekyll or Hyde."

Shara Strand: Exactly!

Does pirating remain a problem?

Shara Strand: A big problem! So much effort goes into the release of a song. It’s not just the blood, sweat and tears of the artist. There are so many people working behind-the scenes on a project. Illegal downloads of music deprives all kinds of creative jobs from remaining viable for the future. I so appreciate the support when a fan tells me that they paid for a song and turned down the chance to bootleg it for free.

We’re excited to welcome you to San Diego.

Shara Strand: It’s going to be fun! Let’s all let our devilish Hydes out this Friday, for one night at least.

Shara Strand performs “Jekyll Or Hyde” Friday, Feb. 22 at Rich’s, 1051 University Ave, San Diego. For more information, click .