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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Girls gone too wild in Hillcrest

Over the weekend, the issue of straight women visiting our local gay bars and clubs and misbehaving flared up again.

The subject is apparently a hot-button issue in the nightlife community. A few months ago, I wrote about the decision by the Abbey in West Hollywood to ban bachelorette parties, and the numerous comments I received did not provide the bachelorettes with a whole lot of sympathy.

Anyways, the flare-up began this past Friday and Saturday at one popular local club, where according to staff “2 girls last night and 1 on Friday decided to leave their shrimp scampi and chicken chow mien all over the dance floor." Needless to say, three dance-floor vomiting episodes in two nights did not endear the visiting females to patrons and employees.

The bad behavior continued into Sunday when a well-known straight female community member observed a number of contentious confrontations:

"... last night a girl threw a huge hissy fit and yelled that the … barback was an a**hole cuz he wouldn't serve her alcohol. one girl was angry she wasn't getting free drinks like she does downtown saying she is gonna have to pour on extra charm to get what she wants. lol!"

All this has generated quite a flurry of comments on Facebook. Here is a sample of reactions that were posted on my page:

Eric Hufford: "Growing a penis instead of extra charm would get her a drink.”

Joe McDonald: "I think maybe it's because gay clubs are becoming more and more mainstream and accessible. Pretty soon there won't even be "gay" or "straight" clubs ... there will just be the "popular" dance clubs that have the best music and funnest crowd. But drunk girls is precisely why I stay away from PB and the Gas Lamp ... among other reasons.”

Jason Johnson: "Joe, you're right. In major international cities I could never tell what clubs were gay. And the popular clubs were just dance clubs mixed with everything.”

Kristin Doving: "Not everyone can hang like me! They're not used to the extra strong Hillcrest drinks.”

Rick Graham: Just an observation. It's the younger gay men thinking they are too cute for you, who bring them in and begin the parade of puke.”

Scott Hamilton: "I saw quite a few at [another club]. They were drunk stepping on my feet!”

Ryan Bradley: "I definitely think it’s the exception and not the norm but either way this whole "segregate them" business is shameful and those calling for it need to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize how shamefully hypocritical they are because frankly I'd rather associate myself with a drunk girl then someone who thinks its ok to exclude anyone from an establishment.”

David Fisk: "I see nothing wrong with excluding people from an establishment who do not behave themselves.”

I think it’s clear from the above that the phenomenon of straight female visitors from outside our community is slowly on the rise, and has been that way for a while. It’s part of the gradual mainstreaming of our culture, it would seem. And I also think it’s clear that we as a community are willing to be welcoming to these curious strangers … but only to a point. That point being reached when they “do not behave themselves.” It remains to be seen if we’ll continue to have major problems along these lines.

Taboo: The Forbidden Show at Lips

Lips has a spicy new late late performance on Saturday nights called Taboo: The Forbidden Show.

The third seating begins at 11:30 pm, hosted by Mistress Malva, and will feature numbers of a more naughty sort (including a “screaming orgasm contest”), guest performers, plus drink specials by Cuervo. This will be a 21-and-older show.

Divas that are interested in being a Taboo guest performer should contact either Malva Sanchez, or the restaurant at 619-295-7900.

Shipwrecked at Rich’s

If you’re looking for some booty this Saturday night, be sure to head over to Rich's for their Shipwrecked party!

This buccaneer-themed event will have hot pirate go-go boys, and other scurvy surprises. Naturally, pirate-y outfits are encouraged. Music will be provided by DJ Nikno, who will be returning from the east coast for this event.

SDPIX staff will be on hand throughout the night giving away Free VIP memberships. Those with VIP memberships will receive $5 off cover before 11 pm. Alternatively, customers may text SDPIX to 313131 and show the welcome message to the cashier for $5 off before 11 pm. Doors open at 10 pm.

Mischief Hot Go Go Boy finals at Rich’s

Speaking of Rich’s, next Wednesday is the finals of the Hot Go Go Boy contest, hosted weekly by Bianca at Mischief. SDPIX is sponsoring this event too, and the prize purse has been upped to an unprecedented $1,000! So, if you want to see what the competition looks like at a $1,000 go-go contest (spoiler alert: they are going to be hot), here’s your big chance.

Last week’s events

Last week was a busy one for us SDPIX photographers. Check out the web site for all the new albums, including photos from Rich’s, Flicks, the Range, 1202, Spin and Babycakes. Happy viewing!