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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: A fond farewell to "Robsicle"

Rob Thompson, the popular and diversely-talented organic chemist/SDPIX and Rich’s cover model/go-go boy, will be having his big going away night this Saturday at Rich’s. Rob, aka Robsicle, aka Mr. Universal, is leaving us for a new life in Chicago. Naturally, we are sad … but we wish him all the best!

The theme for the night at Rich’s will be Popsicle, appropriately enough, with DJ Taj at the turntables.

Arrested opening night at Spin

This Saturday is also opening night for San Diego’s newest monthly bear and leather night, Michael Mack’s Arrested at Spin. Featuring DJ Shane Stiel, GoGo Max, GoGo BFF, and Dangilo the Uberglitterati, it will also be the only bear night with after hours (until 4am).

And it will also mean that we now officially have four bear nights a month, almost every Saturday, here in San Diego! If you notice, Arrested is scheduled for the second Saturday of every month, and we also have:

First Saturday: BearNight at Numbers

Third Saturday: LL Bear at Rich’s

Last Saturday: Bear Night at Bourbon Street

… so now, you can easily find a large gathering of bears here, somewhere, almost every Saturday a week!

Stoplight Party at Bourbon Street

And also this Saturday, SDPIX will present the Stoplight Party at Bourbon Street. With free red, yellow and green glowsticks … what color will you wear? With music by DJ Lil Chris.

Notable birthdays

There are some big birthday celebrations coming up this week. On Sunday, Edward Camarillo and Gardenia Partridge will be Poppin’ Bottles and Pinatas at Rich’s. Special guest DJs for the night will be DJ Ideal and DJ JReal.

And this coming Monday, Michael Calles aka Giggles of Urban Mo’s (and, incidentally, my roommate) will be celebrating his birthday. Plans are yet TBA, but the consensus opinion seems to be that alcohol will somehow be involved.

Last week’s event

Check out SDPIX for the very first album of 2013, with photos from last Saturday’s Voltage at Rich’s. Happy viewing!