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DVD REVIEW: “The Men Next Door” is a fun comedy with a wicked twist

Writer/director Rob Williams believes that men who turn 40 get caught up in a dating quandary. Do you date people in their 30s or people in their 50s?

His new comedy, “The Men Next Door,” takes up these questions with a whole lot of humor, and with a rather wicked twist.

Eric Dean (“Nine Lives, “Arizona Sky”) plays Doug, who ends up home alone on his 40th birthday and getting razzed by his straight twin brother (Christopher Schram) who just happens to be a therapist.

The doorbell rings, and Doug thinks the hunky guy at the door is a stripper sent by his friends. Of course not, but his hunky new neighbor Colton (Benjamin Lutz) plays along … and a fun night ensues. We learn that the 30-year-old Colton has daddy issues, but that doesn’t stop Doug from dating him.

Meanwhile, Doug also meets a handsome man named Jacob (Michael Nicklin), who is 50 and has two grown sons from when he was married and before he came out. They, too, begin dating.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie is the time when Doug goes to Colton’s house for dinner … and in pops his dad, who just happens to be Jacob. Oh, my! The love triangle has never been so complicated!

The latter half of the movie focuses on the relationships that Doug has cultivated with each man, and his internal struggle to decide between them.
The film won the Audience Award for Best Men’s Feature at the 2012 North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and was named a Festival Favorite at the Philadelplhia QFest 2012.

The writing is spritely, the acting is solid and the directing is crisp. This would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The details

“The Men Next Door” comes out on DVD on Dec. 11. Click HERE for more information or to order a copy of the movie.

The DVD contains a commentary with the director and actors, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, bloopers, deleted scenes and trailers.

The official trailer

QFest 2012: “The Men Next Door” interviews

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