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Asian Film Festival presents gender-bending movie with zombies

SAN DIEGO -- Imagine a place where falling in love can be a drag. Where masculinity and machismo appear out of place in a town run by women. Where a menacing killer attacks gay citizens one by one and the undead rise up to exact their revenge.

Such is the world of “Remington And The Curse Of The Zombadings,” showing at 8:15 pm Friday, Nov. 9, at UltraStar Mission Valley as part of the 13th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. The film expo, the most popular film festival in San Diego, end Friday night.

Remington, brilliantly played by Maximo Oliveros’ doppelgänger Martin Escudero, attempts to woo the new girl in town (Lauren Young) with his pretty-boy looks and cocky smile. Things go awry when Remington experiences a curious transformation that threatens his budding romance and puts him in danger of becoming the next victim. In an attempt to spare his life, Remington joins forces with the queen (Roderick Paulate) who cursed him as a child and accidentally summons an army of super bongga zombadings!

The third feature by independent filmmaker Jade Castro (“My Big Love,” “My Kontrabida Girl”), “Remington” blends the supernatural elements of Filipino horror with the teen romance to create a genre-bending film full of fabulous twists and sensational turns that will quicken the heart of even the undead. But, beneath the feel-good camp and Remington’s beki charm is a classic coming-of-age story that reminds us of the importance of being true to yourself.

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