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THEATER REVIEW: “If You Ever Leave Me....I’m Going With You!” is a crowd-pleaser

If you’re in the mood for reminiscing with a couple of experienced comic actors about love, life, comedy and keeping a marriage alive for 47 years, I have just the show for you.

Welk Resorts Theatre presents a very short run (only four remaining performances) of Renée Taylor and Joe Bologna in “If You Ever Leave Me....I’m Going With You!” The remaining shows are on Nov. 10 and 11.

Fans of TV’s “The Nanny” will remember Taylor as Fran Drescher’s mother, Sylvia Fine. Bologna has had a long film career, including 1999’s “Big Daddy” and the voice of Mr. Start in “Ice Age: The Meltdown,” and a new film in post-production.

Together the pair has written several plays for film and TV, notably the Oscar-nominated “Lovers And Other Strangers,” “Made For Each Other,” and the Emmy-winning “Acts Of Love And Other Comedies.”

“If You Ever Leave Me” is a pastiche of scenes from their plays, film clips and anecdotes from their career and personal lives.

Make no mistake, these are funny people, with undeniable chemistry, and the kinds of problems they talk about are familiar ones: getting cold feet before the wedding, that old devil boredom, learning how to fight.

There’s nothing profound here, nothing earth-shattering or shocking. These are two immensely likable people doing what they love to do – entertain an audience.

And entertain they do.

But hurry if you want to see them. There are only four performances left.

The details

“If You Leave Me....I’m Going With You!” plays through Nov. 11 at Welk Resorts Theatre San Diego, 8860 Lawrence Welk Drive in Escondido.

Saturday at 1 pm; Sunday at 6:30 pm.

For tickets, call 888-802-7469 or visit HERE.