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VIDEO: "Rainbow Crosswalks" exhibition extended

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- In response to the support for artist Martin Duvander's LGBT-themed “Rainbow Crosswalks” exhibit, James Gray Gallery has decided to extend the exhibition through Sunday, Nov. 11.

Duvander's artwork was inspired by the City of West Hollywood’s crosswalks that were painted the colors of the rainbow flag earlier this year, a project he championed that has since received worldwide attention.

Capturing a street art vibe blended with classical abstractism, “Rainbow Crosswalks” includes mixed media paintings of LGBT luminaries and the equality movement.

"Martin’s work is not only thoughtful and exciting but also invokes a great sense of pride. I am happy and honored to have extended his exhibition until Nov. 11,” said James Gray, owner of the prestigious James Gray Gallery.

"Rainbow Crosswalks" marks the gallery's first LGBT-themed show.

“West Hollywood’s rainbow crosswalks are living pieces of art that are beacons to the LGBT community all over the world and they inspired me to create this special show,” said the artist, Martin Duvander.

"I grew up in Denmark where the LGBT community enjoys one of the highest levels of equality in the world. I wanted to do something for my gay and lesbian friends here that would bring visibility to the equality movement.”

“In parts of the world and even in this country where being gay or lesbian has to be repressed for mere survival, our rainbow crosswalks signify that in West Hollywood, LGBT people can be proud to be themselves,” said West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang.

Martin Duvander’s art was recently showcased at the Golden Globe Awards and the Grammy Awards and since 2003 has been internationally exhibited at galleries and private foundations.

"Rainbow Crosswalks" runs through Sunday, Nov. 11 at James Gray Gallery of Santa Monica, located at 2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. D4. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm, and Sunday-Monday by appointment.

More information about Duvander and his work is HERE.