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Getting real: Gay couple Will and Sonny to have sex on "Days Of Our Lives" | VIDEO

Things between gay "Days of our Lives" characters Will and Sonny are about to heat up.

Fans of the show will be thrilled to learn that the pair will finally have sex in an upcoming episode, set to air Nov. 14, according to TV Guide. "Days of our Lives" actor Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny, says the delay was intentional and that cast and crew intended to build the relationship between the two characters before the much-anticipated scene.

"It's allowed the audience to get to know our characters and to get to a place where they are really rooting for them to get together," Smith said. "This isn't a story about two gay guys. It's about two human beings who truly love each other."

Gay characters have been featured on soap operas for some time, and Smith doesn't expect much of a backlash when the scene airs. "I don't expect anyone will think the sex scene is controversial," he said. "Hopefully, we're past that."

As fans of the show can attest, complicating matters in the budding relationship between Sonny and Will is Sonny's father, Lucas -- a particularly critical plot point, actor Chandler Massey points out.

"I know a lot of dads who are like Lucas," Massey, who plays Will, notes. "They're not homophobic per se, or against gay marriage, but they're uncomfortable being in close contact with anything gay, especially when it involves their son. It's all okay in theory but they don't want to deal with the reality."

It's actually the second time Smith has played gay. Previously, he joined the cast of "90210" for a five-episode arc as Marco Salazar, another gay character.

Insisting that sexual orientation is merely "part of the character," Smith has previously said he had no fears about returning to a gay role. "Sexual orientation is such a small part of the complex person you are," he said. "We get too hung up about this in America.”

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