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DVD REVIEW: "Four More Years" deserves re-election | VIDEO

Just in time for the elections is the release of the 2010 Swedish gay romantic comedy, “Four More Years,” a hilarious look at national politics.

Now available on DVD and VOD, “Four More Years” is at times rip-roaring funny, touching and even sexy.

Director Tova Magnusson-Norling casts Björn Kjellman as David Holst, a rising star of the Liberal Party (which, despite its name, is actually conservative) who is on his way to be the next prime minister of Sweden. And the director casts herself at his beautiful wife Fia, who directs her handsome and charming husband’s political career until it hits a big bump in the road.

A stunning election twist leaves Holst out of power, his career in tatters and his marriage unfulfilling. Then an accidental meeting with a younger politician named Martin (Eric Ericson), who is (gasp!) a Social Democrat and openly gay, leads to yet another twist in his life: love.

The plot deals with David’s growing awareness of his sexuality and how he struggles explaining it to his wife and his Baptist family as well as to his political associates. What a scandal! Sleeping with the enemy!

Several plot twists tear the two lovers apart as well as bring them back together in another accidental meeting while, unbeknownst to each other, they are conducting government business in Hungary.

The three lead actors are stellar in the movie, and the characters are fully developed and believable.

“Four More Years” was shown at Frameline: San Francisco, Outfest LA, Philadelphia QFest and more.

The details

“Four More Years” DVD can be purchased at Amazon or TLAGay.com, where it also can be live-streamed.

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