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RuPaul: "My show is Carol Burnett for a new generation"

RuPaul is the most glamorous lady on TV — and she isn’t even a woman, technically speaking. When "RuPaul’s Drag Race" kicks off its fifth season — which will be a competition between fan-favorite drag queens from previous seasons — Oct. 22 on Logo, viewers should brace themselves for a season of fierce fashion, industrial-strength makeup and one of the most entertaining reality shows being broadcast today. See for yourself on the trailer, below.

RuPaul has been in the public eye since the early ‘90s, when her song “Supermodel” became a hit and its video made the tall, glamorous drag queen—a longtime presence on underground arts scenes in New York, Atlanta and beyond—an icon. Thanks to her TV presence on "Drag Race" and on sister programs "Uncut" and "Drag U," RuPaul’s back in the spotlight. And she's not leaving anytime soon. DuJour chatted with RuPaul about politics, travel and what makes her feel truly beautiful.

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