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Queer Artist Project comes to life at Lambda Archives

SAN DIEGO -- With the new exhibition space and expanded room at the Lambda Archives location as incentive, staff and volunteers have picked up a documentation project that began almost 10 years ago. Called the Queer Artist Project, they are collecting and organizing information to acknowledge the contribution artists have given to the LGBT community.

The idea for the project came from former Archives president, Bruce Kamerling. An artist, Kamerling was president of the archives from 1993 to 1995. Susan Richards began volunteering for the Archives before Kamerling left, and officially founded the project under her stead.

“Bruce really needs to be honored as the first person who had some kind of a concept … that gay artists in the San Diego area needed to be acknowledged,” Richards said. “He shared his idea to me, and I made it happen.”

When Richards began volunteering, she was doing “generic clippings,” she said, and wanted to make the experience personable by tapping into a deep interest of hers. An artist herself, the Queer Artist Project was the perfect outlet.

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